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InJustice: How best to play

I have been playing this game for about a week and an a half now, and I found while I enjoyed playing the game, I could have done things better. Since there is no real “do over” with the game, and I don’t have a game console – I don’t have much else to do about any mistakes I made. However, I can give advise for those that might want to play and what they can do. Now, this game is available on the popular game consoles, iOS and Android. I have been using the Android version which should be relatively similar to iOS. So, for those that will be starting out, here are my tips.

  • Save coins, and Energy charges
  • Focus on the top.
  • Have a Super 3
  • If you buy – go high

Coins, and Energy Charges

When you fight in a match, you will loose between 1 and 3 energy blocks. All characters have 10 no matter what. You will get energy charges in defeating certain challenges, and logging on the game frequently. Save them. In addition, you will win coins – and while 300 (on the first level) may sound like a lot, once you start making purchases with those coins, that 300 means nothing. Therefore, save everything. If you refuse to purchase in app, then you will have many days ahead of you to get anything worthwhile.

Use the energy charges for when you are in mid challenge. If you leave a challenge in mid term, you will have to start over. Why would you leave in mid challenge? Maybe you realize your character may need an extra oomph, and you will have to fight in less demanding challenges to earn the coin to fight on. If you leave then, you will have to start over. In the last board, expect to go through about 3 matches before you have to wait, or before you have to use your energy charges.

Focus on the Top

When I started out, I was given free characters, and the first thing I did was use the coins I earned to max them out. Once they hit 5th level, I maxed out the powers again. These free characters are Bronze, or Silvers. Here’s the thing. In the last two boards, only Elite 5 Silvers can be good enough of cannon fodder to the challenges at hand. To make an elite 5 character maxed out on the first and second powers can cost about 400,000 coins. This of course does not include the time that you have to invest in making that character worth working up to where he can be cannon fodder. A gold standard character while able to compete with that 400,000 coin character with levels equal, that Silver character can’t go higher in power with exception of level increases which takes longer and longer as the character progresses.

Now, a gold standard character will cost at least 150,000 coins. Needless to say, that character still has to be invested in, but this is expected. However, if you built that Silver character to his Elite 5 status, you could have put that same coinage with a comparably loaded Elite 1 Gold Character. Trust me, with more than a dozen characters I care nothing about, but well complimented, I know. Decide on a character you feel you will do well with, and make sure you get the gold of that one. If he doesn’t  come in gold, find something better. The two most popular DC comic characters (Batman and Superman) are actually only in Gold Standard.

Have a Super 3

Every match requires a team of 3 characters. With this in mind, you will at one time get to the last level (sets of boards) of the game. At this point, Bronze and Silver characters that are just standard will get taken out in a couple of hits. Gold characters will last longer, but not much. Since gold is the highest standard, your Super 3 will need to be invested in a great deal in order to make it through the end. Let’s assume that you get 3 Supermans (slightly different) – each costing 220,000 coins. These 3 will cost 660,000 coins. Each Elite Status will require purchasing these characters again. To make for a good challenge and not you being slaughtered, these characters will need to be an Elite 3 at the last level. This alone will cost about 2.6 Million coins. There are other options, but I will go into that in a moment. Even at Elite status, this makes their hits powerful – but you will need your super powers too. To put it plainly – if you want to max the super powers, which may likely have to be done by the end (I hadn’t made it there), that is another 90,000 coins for each character. Throw in the fact you will have to spend about 25,000 coins for the Superman’s abilities (applies to all), this is what will seem like an enormous investment.

While Silver and Bronze can be fully loaded at the cost of one good Gold Character base, they will be taken out in a few hits at the last level, and therefore all of those coins you spent on that character would mean nothing. This does not mean they do not have  a purpose. When you’re confident that your Super Character can beat a match, you can throw the bronze and silver characters you likely got for free in game as filler characters. Keep in mind you must have 3 per match. Put these filler character first and second to take a little beating, allow your character to build his power capability. When they are gone – you should have at least one available to you. You need these power cells active to invoke your characters super powers. The highest one isn’t always the best, but immune from blocking. By breaking your trio up, you can go through more boards allowing your previously used characters to build a little energy back. If not enough, you should be able to take a 10 minute break before jumping in the next match, or maybe about an hour to be fully energized.

However, when those real tough boards come in, you will be happy to have your super trio of characters. So, now if just being a Gold character doesn’t do it, what do you need to do? Well, each one of your characters should be at least an Elite 3. However, if you can go higher – do so. The maximum is an Elite 5. To make an Elite status character, you will need to purchase your character additional times. Each additional time will promote that character which you will do by tapping on the character’s stat card, and following the button to upgrade. In addition, all of your powers should be fully upgraded. Most gold characters, this is a cost of 1,000 coins per block in the first power, 3,000 coins in the second power, and 5,000 coins per block in the third power. This is a total of 90,000 coins for each of your Super 3.

Now obviously – a few million coins are a heavy investment. There are two ways (at least on Android as of 2014-02-05) that you can have some savings. These are booster packs. The first Booster Pack is the Man of Steel Pack. This includes the Man of Steel version of Superman, and General Zod. This Booster Package is 330,000 coins which is a significant savings over 440,000 coins to buy individually. You will have to pay for two sets of abilities, but this is a savings in the first purchase alone. The second Booster Package is the Red Son Booster Pack. These are exclusive to the Package, and has what will be former Soviet Union versions of Solomon Gundy, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This is an average of 135,000 coins per character which is a significant savings as long as you would be happy with the characters.

Another option if you are not sure what Gold Characters you would want is to get the daily Gold Special which is 75,000 coins. Now, it is possible to get that same character again by purchasing the random pack option, but I wouldn’t bet my coins on it. While building the Super 3, keep them within a few levels of each other. Also, while it will be costly in coins to upgrade all of the characters’ elite status, build them at least to Elite 2 before focusing on any of them. If you used a booster pack, continue to do so. You are wasting coins otherwise.

Buy High

If you decide to use your Google Play funds, Wallet, or a credit card tied to your account, don’t buy low. Especially if you decide to take every other piece of advise, this will be important. The largest package is 1,500,000 coins for $100USD. If you are buying because you are frustrated in waiting, then this is your only real option (unless it is simply beyond your budget). This package will cost you less than .066¢ per coin. However, 12,000 coins will cost you $2.00 which is about .15¢ (yes – both are fractions of a cent). However, you will spend $250 if you were to match the same bulk of just simply buying a 1.5 Million treasury. Assuming each Gold Standard character will cost $175,000 – each Gold Standard character to fully upgrade him to the pinnacle of the game character will cost 1.165 Million coins. Yes, this can be possible to just earn, but it will take a very long time.

If you do have to buy lower, do not buy less the Bruce Wayne’s Vault. This will give you $192,000 coins, and can be a respectable amount when trying to upgrade Gold Characters. As for buying the coins, this is an in app purchase which will use your Google Play funds – then your Wallet, then any credit card on file. However, Google will only process one payment. If you have Google Play funds, but not enough, I will suggest you add an appropriate amount to the Google Play to reduce the actual cash you paid into a purchase.


The game is available for Microsoft XBox, Sony Play Station, Android, and iOS. You can find it through the links below.



Not much happened today. I helped a person out on Google Plus. The person was a trauma nurse that wanted to learn sign language so she could communicate with hearing impaired patients. I don’t know how valuable the information will be, but if nothing else, I pointed her in the right direction.

The dogs got a walk in the afternoon, but I am considering pushing their walk to the morning or evening as the heat has been a bit high. I am not worried as much of them being exhausted, but hot pavement is not good for the paws, especially if we were to do any long walks.

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A bit happened today, and very little of that being good. I went to collect the money via a Money Gram. It ended up being that I had to get the receipt and go to two additional places which made my trip starting at 9AM and I didn’t get home until almost 1PM. Once I got home, I took my medicine and took the two for a walk. I was in too much pain to do any cooking though.

I also helped someone who wasn’t familiar with the buses whom needed advise on going from Robinson Township to Shadyside. Otherwise, I didn’t do much. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to do what I was supposed to do today, but couldn’t. This will include going to Downtown to get a document printed, and eventually mailed out. Otherwise, little else is planned.

Creating an Appearance Set

Creating an appearance set is a little bit of work to start, but well worth it. Let’s look at one reason why you would create an appearance set. You might have join Second Life to chat with people, but have come to find that there are great Role Playing Campaigns as well. Well, your jeans, and shirt may not look right in the campaign, and you might stand out in a negative way while you are in the chat communities. Now, let’s say you got a job that requires you to dress business like – well what are you going to do. You could spend a lot of time finding a dressing area (because you would look silly trying to do this in the middle of everything), and then get dressed, and hope you don’t forget anything, or you can create an appearance set. So, now let’s assume you are smart, and want to create an appearance set.

Well, some new people or even veterans may not notice this. This might actually be of help. First, find a private place. This is where a rental or ownership comes in. If you do not have the funds to rent a space, not a premium member, and not a Second Life Friend of mine – than your options are limited. A couple of places newbie friendly will offer dressing rooms, but this is of course limited, and first come, first serve basis. The Plaza Hotel located in London City will offer a free room. You have to join a group, and have it active when you are using it, but it is free. A room will have a nightstand, bed, pose stand and chair. There are different color rooms which can have a dizzy effect, but it works. I personally will recommend that you get a room. I will soon post options as soon as I find something worth noting. I will also assume you are using the Second Life Viewer 3+ on a Windows PC. You would want to do something similar in other instances. Continue reading Creating an Appearance Set


Today was at first a very quiet day. I exercised the dogs, walked them, and of course – they got to play. In the evening, it turned badly though. The dogs were playing in the backyard – but it ended terribly with Malak getting a piece of metal fence stuck in his paw. First I tried to see if it could be taken out on my own, but that was not possible. I carried him in his kennel which he rested until I can get help in removing it.

This involved a pair of bolt cutters, and pliers. The cutters cut as close to the paw as possible which then used pliers to get the remainder out. Thorough cleaning with peroxide and wrapping seemed to have done some effect. I will of course be looking to get him to a vet shortly (within a week) to check for infection.

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Today was pretty plain in the morning, and afternoon – however an associate of an associate asked me to remove a virus from their computer without their OS disc. I was able to kill the virus – but not before it did a lot of damage. This computer had Windows XP SP1 with IE 6 which I am sure is the problem. Since Microsoft considers XP at end of life for the consumer market, I had to grab both SP2 and SP3 packs and install them. This will be some work I will have to do for tomorrow.

Another thing I will have to do is try to get the drivers loaded. Since the person can only access their home network via wifi – this is definitely a must. Hopefully, I will be successful in this endeavor with this finicky brand (Dell Latitude 610)

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Not much happened today. I did my normal walking of the dogs, and took them out even though it was a bit cold out. The snow fall is light, and the outdoor walk is short. Talisa is still very hyper, so I might put her on for longer. I have also did a little writing on a couple of pages, and added a couple of pages.

Otherwise, not much else happened. A friend stopped by to try to get his one phone to support Google Voice. However, considering he currently has no PC, he can’t will have a hard time utilizing his Windows Phone to support it. He will have to get his PC fixed, and install the Zune software. After that, he can get a non-official app.

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, and tried to do some negotiation with a company that as of yet has proven unsuccessful. I of course walked my dogs, created an .iso file for Andie as her PC’s Windows OS is corrupted, and she doesn’t have the OS disc. I will most likely be going on Wednesday to do that as well as watch my nephew. I also found out a friend of mine has a question, but can never remember it.

On some worse news, I had a major problem with my PC to where it forced me to reformat and restore my system. This of course is not a pleasant thing, although at least I have an external hard drive to back up my music files. I will have to do some work on the PC, and try to do some restoring while I am out tomorrow.

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Today was a slightly busy day. I had to make some phone calls, pay a couple of bills, and acquire a money order for the rent. This took much of the morning from when I got on the bus at 9AM to about 10:15 for the errands. There were the phone calls that took the remainder of the morning. I wanted to get more accomplished, but that is OK as I can finish up during the weekend. On one good note, I managed to provide some help and assistance to a person waiting for a bus. She asked if I knew when the Route 4 came. I told her, and she had to call someone. I noticed she had an Android phone, and offered advise on how to get bus routes in the future. She was appreciative, and of course, happy I was able to do a good deed.

 Chris came by in the afternoon, and stayed until about 7PM, and I took Talisa for a walk afterwards. The walk could have been better as there was 2 blocks of chaos as nearly 20 dogs were going crazy which was exciting Talisa to the point that she had to be controlled more assertively for the next two blocks. I do welcome the challenge as I can’t condition her unless the challenges comes up. Afterwards, I came home, and caught up on some podcasts.

I also came across Alexis’ friend (Sheila) on the evening walk and her parent asked me a couple of questions. I am guessing they were impressed with how Talisa behaved, and asked some suggestions with theirs. Based on what she told me, I gave the thoughts I had, and continued home. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to do laundry, and catch up on things I need to do with the Internet. Needless to say, laundry will be shortly after Talisa’s morning walk.


Today, not much happened. Chris stopped by earlier, and gave some money he owed. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and composed some email. A friend of mine (Myriam) wanted some advise, and needed a little help with her domain that I am hosting for her, so I helped her out there. Otherwise, not much went on. I did some writing on some personal work which consumed part of my evening, but my day was relatively quiet otherwise.

As for plans for tomorrow, there is not much planned since tomorrow is Sunday. No activity, no buses, and nothing to do unless it would be from home which I am sure I could find something to do. My next busy day would be Monday where I am hoping that my Netflix comes in at a reasonable time frame, go to the post office in Downtown, and tend to my groceries that would have to be done. This again would all be on Monday.