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Not much happened today. Since it was a holiday, I paid all of my bills the day before, and had no bus services. The dogs got their walk, and the medicine they needed which I bought the day before. I also did a little work on a document, and some work on my web site. Otherwise, today was a bit of a quiet day. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans with exception of walking the dogs, and doing some personal work. I am hoping that all of my bills are processed tomorrow so I can see what is left after the smoke clears so to say.


Not much happened today. I took the two out for a walk, but with it being a holiday, meant no bus service nor mail. I did chatted with a friend online, but otherwise, it was a quiet day. I did managed to write a very long blog that I would think of it as a retaliatory response on some attack comments that someone attempted to post on my site with posts that are close to 3 years old. As a supplement to the blog entry I created, also came a public viewable document with the would be comments.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs during the time it won’t rain, and wait for the mail. My goal is to hopefully get the Capital One check that I never asked for so I could deposit it in my account. I have a $20 cash bill that is due, so if I get the check, I will take $20 from that to pay the bill. Otherwise, I will have to do an ATM withdraw on my credit card.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs in the afternoon which was good for them. I am glad it started raining in the late evening. Not much happened considering it was a holiday which meant no mail. I contacted the Rent Rebate Program as I hadn’t received my 2013 application, and want to get to that before the cut off date. Hopefully, I should be able to get that this week.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will likely stay home, and will do some work on the web sites I have been working on. In addition, I will walk the dogs in the afternoon unless it is raining.


Not much happened today. It was a holiday which meant most things were closed, and no buses. However, I of course got to walk the dogs, and give them their exercise. I also spent a little time in Second Life, and eventually sent an email.

I’m still recovering from the errands I had to do so I am in a bit of pain. The heat doesn’t help much neither. However, I am making due which is fine.

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Not much happened today with it being a holiday. There are no buses so, that would mean I couldn’t gone anywhere if I wanted too. I also joined Second Life, but found some things a little confusing. It is promising to some degree though.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the Waterworks Mall. The reason for this is to get a dog feces scoop. I was using the neighbor’s, but he took it when he came to clean the remaining items he had. I will need to get that tomorrow, and hopefully the dogs will keep calm. I am considering risking allowing them out of the kitchen. Otherwise, not much planned.


Not much has happened today. The dogs were a bit lazy, but at 90°F, I can’t blame them. I finished the web site I been working on. If one wants to view it, they can go to http://www.bigasswhatif.com/. There was a page I forgot to enter, but that is a small issue that can be remedied quickly tomorrow.

Chris stopped by, and of course spent the night. He didn’t get here until after work last night. And when he got there, there are no buses running. And since Monday is a holiday, there will be no more bus service until Tuesday.

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Not much happened today. It was Labor day which meant that nothing was done. I took Talisa out for a walk, but otherwise, nothing else. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls. I will also try to address another issue. I had a double pending charge, so I want to wait until that is resolved before I address my other bills.


Not much happened today. It was Easter which is a big holiday for Chris’ family. I was able to download an app that would prominently display the time and weather which was something I wanted. I have used other weather apps, but they didn’t serve me as well as I would have liked. Chris also stopped down for a couple of hours, and eventually I went to his place where is prepared dinner at a one of his friend’s house where we ate dinner there. Dinner however was a bit late, and I made it home about 10PM where I eventually got myself ready for bed, and prepare for the next day.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a number of things to do. I would have to go to the dentist which is on the South Side. I will also have to go to the post office, and grocery store. What I am thinking of doing is take a bus into Downtown to pick up my mail (although would be earlier than I would like), then take the bus to the South Side for the dental appointment, and then a 54 from the South Side to the grocery store, and then home. I will of course be loading my iPod with any podcasts I may have to get some listening, or watching while dealing with the buses.

December 31

Today was a busy, and tedious day. Today, I had to take care of my bills. I also hoped to go to Section-8 to get the documentation I would have needed to get the other place inspected, and hopefully moved in before February. Well, it will seem as if the Section-8 Office was closed as well as the customer service center which I was hoping to purchase bus tickets to cover for when I have no money.

However, both of these places were closed. So, this means I would have to go on Monday, and still make it to the doctor’s appointment I have at 9:30. So, of course I went to the bus stop for the next bus which I would have needed to go to Water Works Mall. There I went to address two bills, got dish soap, laundry soap, and a pair of jeans. Considering that all of my other jeans were no good, and I had one other pair of pants that is suitable for public – I figured I should get at least one new pair. Yes, people I am frugal.

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