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HP Stream 7: First Impressions

I bought the HP Stream 7 for a couple of reasons. First, my primary PC is failing. The keyboard doesn’t work properly, and sound has been shot. With this in mind, I can only assume the system board (where everything is) will eventually go. This forced me to make my primary PC which is a notebook homebound. However, I never bought a notebook because that is what the cool kids are doing these days, I bought a notebook so I could be productive not only at home, but away.

In reviewing the HP Stream 7 to see if it would be worth the price, the biggest attraction was the price at $85 for a full Windows 8.1 system. Even though there is only a 7” screen – the system should at least be able to perform when away. However, I will continue to use the “homebound” PC for work done at home. The Stream 7 has an Intel Atom 1.3Ghz Quad Core CPU. This will handle basic tasks well enough, but don’t expect this to be a performer. There is 1GB of memory, and a 7” 1280×800 IPS display. Storage is 32GB of integrated Solid State Flash with a micro-SD card support for 64GB. The tablet has a 3000mAh battery, integrated mic/speaker combo jack along with an integrated mono-speaker, and micro USB which is for charging or connection to accessories. The front camera is .3MP (VGA) and a 2MP rear camera. There is Bluetooth and Wifi-N support with Miracast, but no cellular connectivity. For new purchases, there is a 1 year Microsoft Office 365 subscription which includes 60 minutes of Skype per month. Along with the purchase, I also acquired a Class 10 64GB micro-SD card which will hold content.

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First Impression – HP Envy 4500 MFC

HP is known for making computers, but they also manufacture printers. The HP Envy 4500 All in One Series printer is one of those. I referred to it as an MFC in the title because MFC is typically recognized as Multi-Function Center. The printer is 15lbs (package weight). It supports Wifi-N (rather than AC), and has a USB port which it also came with a cable. The MFC can handle copy, print, and scanning. Being an inkjet printer, it can also support photo printing. The printer uses the HP 61 series ink cartridges which I haven’t yet viewed the price of them, but as with all ink cartridges, I expect that I will be raped with the prices. The packaging also comes with a CD which wasn’t used, nor should a CD be needed. Black Print Speeds is 8.8ppm and I will expect half that for color. There is only paper tray, so there will be no loading of different paper sizes easily. Not only does the standard network printer capabilities are supported, but so is Air Print, Cloud Print, and ePrint. The tray handles up to 100 pages with a 30 sheet output. There doesn’t seem to be any native Linux Support.

I bought this printer because I have found myself needing to print documents. Beforehand, I would copy the .pdf files to a dedicated thumb drive, take a bus to Downtown, walk to the FedEx Office, make my prints, walk to the bus stop, wait 45 minutes, and get on the bus home. If I forgot to print anything, I would then cuss at myself. However, while there were cheaper printers, I wanted one that would support Cloud Print.

Cloud Print is a protocol developed by Google that would allow compliant printers to be able to receive print commands from any authenticated user no matter where just as if it was a network printer. Obviously, as being developed by Google, this authentication is your Google ID, but nonetheless, it is a system. I could in turn for example give my brother authentication rights. Now, when he is using a resource supporting Cloud Print, he could simply just print, and my printer will print the document.

The Good

The printer seems to perform quickly, and at least on the LAN side – reliably. The printer was cheaper when purchased through Walmart than at HP’s Web Site. Also, I was able to pick up the printer on the same day, and while the Walmart Associates weren’t as quick as they should have been, this had nothing to do with the printer.

The printer also seem to have come with a full cartridge which is a welcomed change from when I last bought a printer that had a ¼ cartridge. During the set up process, I received a claim code which is actually the UID of the printer’s ePrint Address. I simply signed up for a HP Connected Account, and enter the UID. At this time my printer was “connected”.

The Bad

While HP did a good job of minimizing waste packaging, they could have done better. Included in the package was a USB cable which was unnecessary. Most people will likely agree as most people with newer printers are probably using them as network printers. It would have made more sense to replace that USB port with an RJ45 port. Next is the CD. Most people are likely to have an Internet connection and could have simply downloaded the latest version of the software for that OS right from the web. Better yet, this printer supports cloud print. One should just have to download Cloud Print Drivers, and use the printer’s screen to get that unique ID, and get connected that way. I simply shouldn’t have to download, install and mess with bulky software to just set up and use the printer.

The Ugly

Within a few hours of starting the printer, it refused to connect with HP’s servers. I had followed HP’s support options, and nothing. After giving up for the night, and conceding that I would have to call HP the next day, everything worked which led me to believe it was a server side problem. If HP has my email address (to register to set up ePrint), they should have told me that Internet capabilities wouldn’t be running due to down server. Would that have been too much to ask?

My Impression

Most of the negative is more of the legacy structured thinking that seems prevalent. I am treating the connectivity issues as the unlikely misfortunes of timing. And hopefully with Cloud Print set up, I won’t need to go through HP Connected restarting if it does happen again. So far, initial impression on the printer is good. Yes, I am sure there are better, but there are definitely worse too.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs a couple of times, made a phone call to Mohela to receive the application I couldn’t find online, and made a call to Social Security since they didn’t call me. I ended up getting the person’s voice mail.

I noticed there was a driver problem with my optical drive which HP chat support solved, but didn’t send me the email I requested. Otherwise not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a doctor’s appointment, and will need to get my prescription as well. I am hoping everything will go quickly.I am also expecting Andrea to deposit the money she owes for her lines.


Not much happened today. I received a call from HP Support which I inquired of something, and was told that they will get back to me. In this case, this was regarding extended warranty. While a $400 PC would not normally warrant the extended warranty, the only reason I am looking into it is due to the effort required for me to purchase a new PC, and the issue of the SD card reader I had with the previous one.

The person offered me a discount on the warranty which I will definitely wish to attempt at getting. If possible, I will like to get a 3 year ADP which will protect from normal defects, but also accidental damage.

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Today was a bit of a bad day. My phone didn’t want to turn on for a few hours again, and didn’t charge through the night. This of course is forcing me to have to get another replacement. It started working again, so at least I had it.

In the meantime, Capital One has decided to screw things up again. The Positive Balance Credit (where I paid more than owed) was withdrawn from my account to be sent as a check, but while the check was cut, the money will remain with Capital One, and I should be able to get it back about the 29th. This is just leaving me more unsatisfied with Capital One to the point I now consider them a necessary evil. This compounded with the fact that they will not provide me with additional credit beyond $500, and my current PC is failing doesn’t make things better.

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Two in a Row, Good Enough

A few years ago, I purchased an HP Pavilion G62. This was to replace an incompetent Acer PC that was running Vista. However, after a few years, my system has been acting in a manner that does not give me confidence it will continue operating at any reasonable quality. For example, I do a full shut down at night time before I go to bed. I will turn the PC on, and while the PC is booting, I will get the two ready for their walk. I will log in before I walk the dogs out the door. Why, because it literally takes 20-30 minutes for the system to boot up fully.

In addition, some keys are not as good as they should be, the power button is finicky, and the SD card drive is non-functional. Since I had 3 years of this system, I will expect that it is not going to operate in optimum condition. On top of that, the system didn’t boot the BIOS which means that it could go anytime between now, and another year.

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Not much happened today. It rained most of the day – however, I was fortunate to be able get the dogs for their walk before it actually started. I spent some time watching a couple of shows on Hulu that were ready for viewing. I also did some major work on a web site I am working on (yes, me and my radical thinking). I am still having problems with my SD card, and find it disappointing, however I am just starting to accept that I don’t have an SD card. I doubt it is a physical problem as if I would reformat my system, it will work properly.

Chris stopped by yesterday evening. He will not be able to get me to the grocery store. I expected as much, so I will have to hope for a Jitney. I also was having some problems with my iPod Touch being recognized. I am starting to think it is a variety of port issues on my PC which is making me loose confidence in HP.

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Today was a bit of a busy day. I got the battery from HP about 9:30, although the FedEx guy just left it on the stoop for anyone to take it. I am just glad I was keeping an eye for it. After that, I walked the dogs on the treadmill and took them for a social walk. Shortly afterwards, I left for Downtown. I had to check for my mail which I didn’t get anything of importance. I went back home, and checked the battery for its charge.

The rest of the day was spent trying to tend to things I needed to address, and another set of walk with the dogs. I then made a couple of sandwiches for myself, and watched a couple of shows on TV. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will most likely stay home for the most part.

First Impression: HP G62-340US

First, I have ordered this notebook from Fingerhut, and I am not going to go into detail of how I basically bent over and said Ahh by paying almost twice as much as the fair market value, nor will I have to pay high interest. I figured this is simply the price of doing business with Fingerhut. My intention is to go into my first impression of the notebook based on what I received. First, I had three choices as for manufacturers. I could have chosen a Acer, but with past experience with them, that was not going to be an option. I could have also chosen Lenovo. However, I have chosen HP simply because all of my experience with them have been good.

As for the specs, it is a bit basic. The notebook has an AMD Athlon P340 CPU which is a 2.2Ghz dual core processor. In comparison, my desktop has a Pentium 4 – 2.8Ghz. The notebook has 3GB of memory, and integrated graphics. The screen is a 15.6” 720p LED screen. The computer has an Media Card reader, microphone/speaker, 2 USB ports, RJ-45 at 1GBPS (assuming), HDMI, and a VGA port on the left side, and the optical drive, USB, a closed RJ-11 port, power, and Kensington Lock on the right hand side. The closed RJ-11 port is there to prevent openings for models that will not have a dialup modem (custom machines). The hard drive is a 320GB, but there is only in reality 290 as some of it is due to base8 math, and a partition for the recovery.There is also a Lightscribe DVD Writer, and wifi-N. I am assuming that I could possibly replace the wifi-N module with a better wireless module, or one with bluetooth. The PC will accept up to two 4GB DDR3 SODIMM modules, and has an integrated webcam. There is a 101 keyboard, and a touch pad that is hidden within the body of the notebook towards the center with a single button support right click.

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Close, but no cigar (yeah, like I smoke?)

For those that maybe reading this regularly, you may know that my notebook was intolerable with a bad screen, and a bad VGA port. I am still forced to rely on it at some times, so it’s not like I am throwing it in the recycle bin just yet. As of yesterday, I had received a (wanna be) new desktop. It’s an HP d5100 which is a business class PC. For those whom might be PC geeks, and really care what’s under the hood – here goes.

  • Intel P-4 single core 2.6Ghz
  • 2 × 256MB PC 3200 400Mhz DIMM memory with 4 DIMM banks
  • 40GB SATA 5400RPM hard drive
  • 2f+6r USB 2 ports
  • 2 internal 3.5” bays
  • 2 PCI + 1 PCI-e X1 slot with a low profile slot

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