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A Perspective of the MyTouch

It’s been 5 months since I had purchased the T-Mobile MyTouch (HTC Magic) to upgrade my RIM 8320. And I figured 5 months is more than enough time to give my perspective on the phone. First, this is a low end phone compared to what’s coming out. While the Nexus One has had more than its share of problems, it puts light that 528Mhz found on the MyTouch is actually on the low side.

So, with that in consideration, I do write this review with little regret. No matter what you would buy, or when you buy it, there would always be something better in 6 months. So, I would want to focus on two things. One would be the phone which is my first touch screen phone, and another is the OS which is one of the newest players in the game.

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You Just Turn Me On Every Night!

After almost a week of waiting the charging cradle I ordered has arrive. What does this mean? Well, for the immediate change of pace, very little. However, instead of me plugging my phone into the wall directly with a USB cable that connects to an AC adapter, it would be inserting it into the dock which would stand the phone up right in portrait mode and at a slight back angle.

And in the near future, I am hoping to get a battery for the phone which would plug into the back of the charger – effectively charging the battery in the phone, and a spare at the same time. This would allow me to get through the day as anyone with a high demanding smart phone knows – you can’t get through the day on a full charge. Another reason why not to get iPhone as you can’t switch the battery out.

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First Impression – HTC Magic (aka myTouch)

I went to the T-Mobile store on Forbes Avenue in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh PA for the new (to me) phone. Keep in mind that the myTouch is almost a year old, and while I would have liked a 3G phone earlier, it wasn’t until September of 2009. This would have defeated the purpose of having a 3G phone, especially since none as of yet supports UMA.

First, the phone, and included accessories comes in a bulky case. This makes it look important, but in the end, I would only use it if I intend to carry it in my backpack, or pack it away for a while. It also comes with a user guide, promotional material and a possibility for a free shell. As for the more useful items, an headphone which the pad anchors are a b**ch to get on, and of course the micro USB – 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike the iPhone, or most other smart phones, there is no microphone on the headphones, but instead on the adapter. There is also a 4GB micro SD card which I would most likely give it when I sell the 8320.

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