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Not much happened today, although it was hectic. I misplaced my transit card, and my Google Wallet card – both of which I gave up and had them replaced as the old ones being lost. I did find them after I reported them, so that made my life inconvenient. Because of the card issue, I had to walk to Downtown which took about an hour. While in Downtown, I did pay for their license fees for 2014. I also took the subway to Allegheny Station where I went to the Humane Society to get their heartworm prevention medicine. After that, I returned to Downtown to catch the bus back home. I left at 9:00AM, and got home about 12:30PM.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will hopefully be able to walk the dogs. Otherwise, I will be home – especially since there is no bus service, nor money after paying bills. Not much else will be planned for tomorrow as I will spend some of the day recovering from today.


Today was a busy and a bit of a painful day. After walking the two dogs, I had to get ready to leave to do a couple of errands. However, I only had the bus fare for 1 round trip, and I needed two round trips. I needed to go to the post office, and the Humane Society. I also needed to go to the pharmacy. So, the first thing I did was to walk to Downtown to pick up my mail. There was something important there, so it was important that I did go there. After that, I took a Route 18 to the Humane Society. There, I received a donated 15lb bag of dog food. Since it wasn’t Dog Chow, I felt it would have been best to mix it with the rest of the dog food. 15lbs would give me an extra week of dog food, so that is good. I then walked to the closest Route 4 bus stop, but just missed them about 5 minutes beforehand. Knowing this bus runs once an hour, I figured it will just be quicker to walk – which it was. I then made it to the pharmacy to turn in a prescription which then was able to be filled.

I also made a couple of phone calls, and did a little in-house work. I had fish for dinner which wasn’t too exciting. I was hoping to find The Walking Dead s2:e6 On Demand, but it wasn’t available. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to drop off some mail, and attempt to work on a few pages. I will also expect Andie to stop by. Not much else planned for the day.


This day didn’t turn out as expected. I was expecting to watch Xavier, but plans changed. Chris took Xavier to work as the other option was to take a bus in the rain. Talisa was bit cranky today which isn’t good. She has her first heat session, and it would seem as if Malak is not sexually mature which is good considering that this will be her only heat session. She will be spayed on November 3. I also received a call from Hello Bully. They notified me by voice mail that the Animal Rescue League will not have a vet on the day that Malak is due to come in. However, they have an earlier appointment with the Humane Society which is actually better for me (other than a slight higher cost). Chris also stopped by for a couple of hours, and I also went and picked up a prescription.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will of course be remaining home for the most part, although I will expect to go to the local store. I will also try to make a couple of phone calls. Otherwise, things are planned to be much like the previous days. I will also be expecting to get a Netflix disc while dropping one off.


Not much happened today. Chris came by to watch a movie he asked for, and to take Talisa to the Western PA Humane Society for her initial round of vaccines. This was required for her preparation of her spaying surgery. She was a bit more excited when we got in as she smell all of the other animals. Once we got in the visitation room, she got a bit anxious as she was in such a small room. She did get a couple of treats while there. She also weighs 60 pounds (about 27.2kg).

She also seen a vet whom did a basic examination on her to check for bloat, and listen to her heart. They then gave her two shots, and a nasal inhaler medicine. After that, an appointment was made for her spaying which is November 3. She will take a pain medicine before she goes in, and will be required to go in the evening before. She will be picked up about 5PM on the 3rd. She will have to take two more doses of pain medicine, but should be better afterwards. A second shot of vaccines, and an e collar (the kind shaped like a cone) will cost an extra $35. They will also do a complimentary “nail trimming” although she does not need it as her nails are in good shape.

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Not much happened today. My insurance didn’t approve my medicine just yet, but it might be too early. Otherwise, things have been much the same. I was hoping for Chris to stop down to let me use the tools I will need to get the treadmill assembled, but I am guessing he wasn’t able too. I also received a call from the Humane Society in regards of Talisa. Her spaying will be in a couple of phases. The first will be the vaccination. This will take place on October 7. After that they will then schedule the appointment for spaying. I am assuming the micro-chipping will take place in the first appointment with the vaccinations. Not much otherwise happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, it will be much the same, but I am going to possibly be bringing Malak on through the walk partially and see how the two will walk together. The next big day will be on Monday where I will get the money off of Andie that she owes (or some of it). I will also go to the post office and check my mail. I am hoping that with the money from Andie, and the money I have set aside, I can get a money order for the Humane Society. If I do, it will deplete my bank account until October 1.


Today, not much happened. I had a visit from a Police Officer from the Humane Society of Pittsburgh. The previous post went into detail of why. Put it short, there was an unfounded accusation which needless to say, the officer that knew what he was talking about didn’t see any issue, and even better behaved than other dogs of her age. I also took Talisa for a walk, and Chris spent the night. As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. Next plans will be the post office and groceries on Monday.