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Today was an OK day, although it could have been better. I couldn’t complete walking the dog this morning as she was becoming uncontrollable, and even walked in front which I accidently step of her front paw. To make matters worse, she continued to attempt to walk in front. She got home, and I made her calm down which she was overly excited for no reason I can discern. After a while, I chatted with a friend, did some hunting for a second dog (found a Dalmatian), and watched a little TV.  I made the call regarding the Dalmatian, but heard nothing back yet.

As for plans for tomorrow, I won’t be doing anything special. With it being a Sunday, there is no bus service, nor anything I need to do. My next event will be Monday with a doctor’s appointment.


Today, I made a couple of phone calls, nothing really successful. I found a wonderful looking dog that would have been free, however – the person with the dog informed me that he was aggressive with other dogs, so that would not have worked out well. Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. And yesterday evening was a good evening with walking Talisa as it wasn’t humid. Although, it seemed to have been a prelude to an overnight storm.

As for plans for tomorrow, Chris said he will come in the afternoon to help with grocery shopping. Otherwise, not much planned for the day. I will again – check the classifieds.


Not much has went on. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and got caught up on podcasts I had. I took Talisa out for a couple of walks. Chris also stopped by. However, for the most part, today was pretty dull. My hunt for another dog is not going as well as I will like. I am also looking into other things regards Talisa. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will hopefully go to the grocery store, but otherwise – nothing else planned.


Today could have been a better day. It would seem as if there is nothing but obstacles for me getting a security deposit. An associate asked about the options I had, and while he did mentioned about lending the money, he sounded hesitant. This of course means that if he does, it would of course come at interest. Once I lost confidence in all of the neighborhood charitable organizations locally, I gave him a proposal for a payment plan.

I did try to go one of the local charities, and of course – they were not open, and will not be open until Tuesday. Considering that I probably need the money by Friday, this means almost no real options. And of course, there is still the hope that I could get the only apartment that I could rent, and therefore Internet service has to be considered. For me, Internet is more than just Facebook, and updates on my blog, but almost all of my communications is centered with the Internet, including news, multimedia, email, IM, and even voice. I looked at Verizon FiOS, and their requirement of $75/month for the cheapest (non contract) plan is ridiculous – especially since I will probably get the deposit in the form of a loan, and I will have to pay electric. I will have Wimax which while I am sure will be about the same speed (and slight more) than my current connection, I am not even going to pursue keeping my current provider whom has proven more trouble then good in 2010. Continue reading 2011-01-14


Today was a slightly busy day. I started the day with going to the pharmacy to get prescriptions I needed. I also went to get a couple of small groceries. Afterwards, I went home, and did a little bit of pre-work on my sites, and a little of TV watching. I also tended to an email, and an offline message.

I received two call. One was from the prospective new landlord whom is interested in renting the property, but his concern will be the expense of building in a ramp. Hopefully, in the end – this will be available to me. Afterwards, my brother called, and eventually stopped down. He spent the night here, will be leaving with me. Continue reading 2011-01-09


Today was much like any other day. I woke up later than usual, but could only presumed that I needed the sleep. I had a couple of phone calls come in. I also received a call from someone in Hollywood FL who obviously was too stupid to know how to use a phone. As soon as I find a place, I will be sending all of these unknown callers to my house phone rather than wasting my cellular minutes.

Otherwise, it has been a lazy day. I watched a movie, returned it, and sent a change of address for the PO Box to be forwarded to the new box for when I have to move. And speaking of moving, I had called the one landlord of the only place I found and hoping to get some results from him. Continue reading 2011-01-07

December 31

Today was a busy, and tedious day. Today, I had to take care of my bills. I also hoped to go to Section-8 to get the documentation I would have needed to get the other place inspected, and hopefully moved in before February. Well, it will seem as if the Section-8 Office was closed as well as the customer service center which I was hoping to purchase bus tickets to cover for when I have no money.

However, both of these places were closed. So, this means I would have to go on Monday, and still make it to the doctor’s appointment I have at 9:30. So, of course I went to the bus stop for the next bus which I would have needed to go to Water Works Mall. There I went to address two bills, got dish soap, laundry soap, and a pair of jeans. Considering that all of my other jeans were no good, and I had one other pair of pants that is suitable for public – I figured I should get at least one new pair. Yes, people I am frugal.

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December 30

Today was a pretty basic day. Andie decided to not heed my knowledge because someone else told her something different. Now, she seen as her option to reset the router which now – she doesn’t know how to set up a router password, and having trouble getting online. So, of course, I will eventually make it back there to try to fix it. However, she will have to wait as there are more important things I must accomplish – such as try to get this only place I found in my rights in a month’s time.

Also did some chatting, and composed an email. I also made some phone calls, and it will seem as if Section-8 is taking a vacation from answering the phones, so I have to make a special trip to the Downtown area of the city tomorrow. Yes, that will mean bus fare wasted.

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December 27

Today was a quiet day for the most part. I made a few phone calls with little success. However, I have reached Andie which had some of the money owed to me, and the money for the phone bill to be in January.

I also did a little work on a myth that has to be written up. The work is private and may not get published. However, this is still work to keep me busy. I also watched a show on Hulu, and I think Hulu has played Sanctuary out of order, but this is my thought. I also watched a couple of shows on Netflix, and waited for a Netflix disc that never came.

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December 23

Today was a bit of a busy, and a bit of a painful day. I went to Downtown to get the mail, and transfer to look at an apartment. However, to get there in time, I had to take a Route 1 bus, and walk up a very steep hill with city steps that helped a bit. However, once I got up the steps, I had another 15 minute walk to do. This is one reason why I am glad for a smart phone. The bad part is of course – outside being about 20°F – it left my fingers a little frostbit. I did managed to get them warmed up though.

While waiting for the owner, the postal carrier came by which if this is his regular time will make it reasonable in getting what little mail that will come. The apartment was a bit odd. There were more entry doors than I thought. A little odd, but as long as they are secured, that won’t be an issue. The apartment is small, but will be sufficient. My big concern will be the actual negotiating with the rent, and dealing with the security deposit. The owner seems to be a bit flexible with the rent as long as it is reasonable, and he can trust that the person will be a reliable tenant. This is where my nearly 10 years here will come in handy. After leaving, I had to wait about 20 minutes for the Route 4 to Downtown, and managed to go to the local Uni-Mart which will not have a couple of things I will most likely buy there. That will mean more trips to the grocery store. More details on the view of this apartment is at http://t.fsp.im/68/

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