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Today was a busy day. In the morning, I had some idiot yell at me, and the last time that happened, it turned out a professional said I did nothing wrong. So, I am not concerned with that. However, I realize this neighborhood has way too many stupid people who are “perfect”. 

Afterwards, I prepared the dogs so I could run a couple of errands. I had to get cleats on my shoes, and will eventually have to get the soles replaced. That will be at least $60 to do that. I also got the licenses for the dogs for 2012. I am just glad that both were only $20. I then went to the post office, and finally got a listing of my food benefits. In addition, I had an additional errand.

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Blue Hippo Attracts Idiots

If you live in the US, I am sure you have heard of Blue Hippo which in reality offers a layaway plan for those that wish to have a computer. This is a SCAM. No, I never got it, but that is because this “program” is so outrageous, it is not funny. They prey on people with bad credit, and low income. I went to the Blue Hippo’s web site, and come across a number of disturbing features. Let’s look at these disturbing features.

First is time. They can hold the computer you are paying for up to 52 weeks unless you pay it off quicker. If you make 6 – 13 consecutive payments, they might offer financing for the remainder. I am sure this financing has interests, and anyone with bad credit would of course have high interest. Maybe it’s not interest bearing, but for the cost, it doesn’t matter much. If you are like me, and get income only once a month, these convenient weekly charges could be painful financially. So, provided you have to wait 3 months (4 x 13 weeks = more than 3 months), you would have paid at least $286. You still have to finish it off, and you can only hope they would finance the remaining charges. Continue reading Blue Hippo Attracts Idiots