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September 2015

September was one of the worst months I can recall in a very long time. One could read in all of the detail with the Bad September Entry. On a note of the after-effects, Talisa is doing better. Her skin irritation has cleared up, and only a couple of traces of it remains. People who had their phone turned off that were in my account hasn’t made any attempts to pay the past due. Since I still have the full phone bill to pay off (use the service, then pay for it), October will be a very bad month – at least financially. As for Talisa’s tests, the cheapest place is her regular vet office which is $150 for the visit, CBC, and thyroid test.

On one bit of good news, food assistance benefits gone from $77 to $109. So, now I am up to 40% of what a person needs to live with regards to food. American Dream, here I come. Obviously, the state of assistance with people in poverty is a whole another matter, so I won’t get into that. As for the exterminator, he has to come a couple of more times. The last time he didn’t need to spray in here. Just now have to make it through October. While the events of September have past, the financial consequences of those events are likely to continue through the rest of the year.


Not much happened today. I was a bit ill, so I didn’t get the dogs out for their walk. Provided I feel better, I will give them an extended walk tomorrow. I spent a bit of my time resting, and fighting what ever stomach flu I seem to have. I did go to the local pharmacy to get some essentials, and in turn – also got the dogs a couple of rawhides which they of course enjoyed.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. It is a Sunday which means no buses even if I had to do something.


Today could have been a better day. I felt extremely ill, and to the point where I had to run to the bathroom every hour or so. I wasn’t able to take the two for a walk today neither. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to wait for the UPS driver to pick up a package that needs to go out. I will also have to deposit money in the bank whether I am up to it or not. Otherwise, I will like to walk the dogs if I feel better, however I am not sure.


Not much happened today considering it was a Saturday, and the end of the month. I do feel as if I am getting sick as I had such symptoms of a stomach virus, or flu. I will give it a couple of days, and see if it improves. The dogs still got their walk, but that is to be expected if I can do so,

As for plans for tomorrow, it is Sunday, so no plans. I will likely stay home. With any luck, my brother will be giving me the phone bill he owed for a couple of weeks.


Today was a bad day for the most part. I felt ill, and had a serious headache to where I ended up sleeping part of the day. In addition, I had pain in the ankles, and didn’t feel like cooking anything. I did finally ate towards the end of the day. Thankfully, this day included no phone calls. I normally don’t get calls, but wouldn’t have been much in the mood for any.

As for plans for tomorrow, I hope it will be better. I am blaming the heat for the headache, and lethargy. My dogs were even lethargic, and the ceiling fan hasn’t done as much as I was hoping for.


Today was a crappy day. I spent it all sneezing, coughing, and wishing I could sleep. I did chat with someone, and made my comments known on a few blog postings, but otherwise – my day has been terrible. I did take a couple of baths to try to get the illness out (with heat), however it didn’t help much.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely stay in again, and if it stops raining, give the dogs a short walk. Otherwise, everyone will be inside again. I do have an appointment on November 1, so I will have to go to that no matter what.


Not much happened today. I went to get my prescription filled, but for some reason I had a case of the runs. I still seem to have an upset stomach which I will hope will subside tomorrow. Once I got home, I went to Dell’s web site, and was able to get a Windows XP-Pro disc set ordered for the notebook I am working on. In addition, I downloaded a number of files that the owner will probably need. I then called him to give him an update on the condition so he knows what is going on.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow. I will need to go there, and I will also need to do some work on my web site. Once I get home, I should be able to rest, especially if I still have the runs. Otherwise, things will expect to be relatively quiet.


Not much happened today. I rested mostly. I also watched some TV and took Talisa out for a couple of walks. Chris stopped by for a couple of hours, but otherwise – not much happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to a doctor’s appointment. I know – today is a very dull day, but that is what happens when you are not feeling well.


Today, not much went on. I have still been feeling ill, and spent much of my day sleeping. I did walk Talisa – although not as much as I should have. Chris came by in the evening, and took me grocery shopping to hopefully get me through most of the shopping month. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned but I will have to possibly run a couple of errands. I will also seek to walk Talisa the way she should be.


Not much happened today. I stayed in bed much, and even though I have cough medicine, my cough got a bit worse in the evening. Nonetheless, I am making due. I did compose an email to a friend in China, and again just rest. Chris ended up in the hospital’s emergency room, which I would hope mine doesn’t get that bad. If it has dramatically improved, I will be calling for an appointment on Monday. Throughout the day, I spent much of the time resting, and in the evening – I eventually cooked dinner. Yes, when I am sick, there is nothing I really do.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to continue resting.Otherwise, no plans for the day. I will call the one landlord on Monday as well,  but so far, it will seem as if he might be more trouble than good. Still, I haven’t found a solution yet.