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Top Ideas for Renovation of a Pittsburgh Home

The average size of a Pittsburgh Home is actually small in comparison to most other cities. In the city, most homes are 3 stories x 25’ wide x 40’ deep. With the walls accounted for, that would mean that each floor is about 850 square feet. An average 1 bedroom apartment is about 900 feet. In addition, while there are three floors, the attics in most cases are not really usable. I remember living in a house where the attic was 6.4’, and for someone that was almost 6’, it was a bit cluster phobic. In addition, the actual size of the attic was a bit smaller then even in the second floor.

So, what are my ideas of how to make a Pittsburgh house better. Well, some of these suggestions addresses the the size. Other suggestions addresses the environment that the homes are in. They are all intended on making the house more like a home. The suggestions are as follows:

  1. Replace stairs with spiral stairs, and an elevator.
  2. Install a Gas Generator
  3. Centralized Systems
  4. Efficient Heating
  5. Kill the PSTN
  6. Bedside Appliance

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Standards of a new House

There are many designs, shapes, and textures to homes today. Some are large, and some are. Some are tall, and some are wide. While I feel only a few restrictions should be placed on homes in comparison today in regards to designs, I feel that the house should be dramatically changed from what they are today.

The reason is the home is the cause of 45% of the greenhouse gases. Imagine if every home was to these standards, we could cut our pollution by almost half. These proposals of requirements are based on technology of today, and while a little more expensive (expect +25%), this would be a dramatic savings to the environment (small carbon footprint), nature (small reality footprint), and the pocket (smaller impact on your finances). However, considering the dramatic changes, these would probably be best for new homes.

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