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Assurant’s Bait and Switch Scheme

On Thursday August 7, my Nexus 7’s screen cracked. This was due to my ankles giving way, and in turn – the Nexus 7 falling out of my hand and hitting the ground. Yes, I was pissed. Not only do I have to come up with money for Talisa’s test – but now I had to come up with money to pay the deductible. You see, I pay $10 for T-Mobile’s Jump program which includes Premium Device Protection with Assurant Solutions. Now, my brother and his girlfriend each had to use the insurance service because they are careless with expensive things – however in the 6+ years I had T-Mobile, and been using smart devices (first one being a Blackberry 8320 – pre Apple/Android days), I had never broke a device.

So, I find out how much the deductible is, and I pull funds out of 2 credit cards to fund $100 on my Google Wallet Card. I tried to file online, but it was not successful – so I called them. They had the claim, and it would seem as if the system had problems with the Google Wallet Card. The system did accepted it, and Assurant informed me that they will be sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 7.0 because it is a comparable model to the Nexus 7. I disputed with the representative and informed them that I had the Nexus 7, and that is the item I want. It is still available on the market, so it is not a legacy device. I bought the Nexus 7 because I get a reliable update path, and prefer the stock Android over the UI interfaces that other carriers give. I was told that I would have to speak with T-Mobile about it. And so the madness begins

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Not much happened today. I got a call from UPMC, but so far – no results. I also walked the dogs in the afternoon, but didn’t give them an evening walk since it rained. Otherwise, not much else happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be waiting for a UPS shipment. Otherwise, no other plans. This shipment will be something that the dogs will need. Otherwise, no other plans for the day.


Today was a hectic day. I spent much of it on the phone trying to deal with a mailing address discrepancy. It will seem as if the Allegheny County Assistance Office is claiming that they only have my residential address, while UPMC for You which is my insurance provider through Medical Assistance says they must continue to use my PO Box as that is what the ACAO has. Even getting the local state representative hasn’t improved matters.

In addition, Andrea hadn’t made any payment with the phone bill. While I doubt it, she still has through tomorrow, but it will just make my life a little more difficult. I will wait until Sunday before trying to deal with it – as to give a benefit of a doubt.

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A bit has happened today. First, the last of my loan payment was paid today. This means, next month, I will be able to devote that money to another issue that should be addressed. However, on a more personal level, I had a number of things that needed to be done. First, I needed to get cleats on my shoes. After that, I needed to go to Katsur Dental to get panoramic X-Rays since my insurance will only cover for one every 5 years. After the pickup of the X-Ray copy, I then went to Petco which I had to get a couple of things for the dogs. After that, I took a bus to the Northside, and dropped off the copy, and waited for a bus home.

Once I got home, I took the dogs for a walk, although I was in too much pain to take them for an evening walk. I spent a little bit of time working on a web site, and watched a few videos. After that, I prepared dinner, but accidently dropped it. Rather than spending another 45 minutes making it again – I simply just made a sandwich. I closed the evening with a bath, and got ready for bed.

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Ultimate Birthday Present – 2012

While I am not a big holiday person (including my own personal one), I figured I will write this post nonetheless. Now, as for the ultimate birthday present, my choice might be a surprise to those that will know me. While the surface of the gift is no surprise, the actual details  will be a bit of a surprise. My ultimate birthday present will be a complete notebook/desktop replacement. Now, in my opinion, a desktop replacement is more than just the PC, but also a full size keyboard, monitor, and storage.

Now, this system will come in a number of parts. This is again because a true desktop replacement needs to be more than just a PC. Also, this system will be very expensive. It’s not any run of the mill $500 PCs I am used to having, so this will be a sticker shock when one reads the price at the end. However, this is why it is called an ultimate birthday present.

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Not much happened today. I went to the local convenience store, and while I was gone, the dogs acted up. I also got the information from Nicole (who provided Malak), and called them. They were supposed to send me all of the information via email, but so far – nothing. I walked the dogs on a longer walk while still adjusting to the new shoes. Otherwise, not much happened with the exception of a few failed phone calls, and a couple of messages on Facebook. I also used Facebook chat with someone, but that is pretty much all.

As for plans for tomorrow, considering it is the weekend, I have no real plans for the weekend. Yes, my life is very exciting.


Today was relatively busy. I had to go to the post office and spent some of the day preparing some mail that had to go out. This was much of my day spent. I did walk the dogs, and checked on a couple of other things such as considering renter’s insurance. The local reality agent will not be able to insure me considering I have a Doberman, and Pit Bull. I also checked with AllState, but they won’t provide Renter’s insurance neither. The one who provided Malak said she will give me her insurer’s info.

Otherwise, things are much the same. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping for Chris to help with the groceries, but it would depend on how busy he will be. Otherwise, not much else planned.


Not much happened today. My insurance didn’t approve my medicine just yet, but it might be too early. Otherwise, things have been much the same. I was hoping for Chris to stop down to let me use the tools I will need to get the treadmill assembled, but I am guessing he wasn’t able too. I also received a call from the Humane Society in regards of Talisa. Her spaying will be in a couple of phases. The first will be the vaccination. This will take place on October 7. After that they will then schedule the appointment for spaying. I am assuming the micro-chipping will take place in the first appointment with the vaccinations. Not much otherwise happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, it will be much the same, but I am going to possibly be bringing Malak on through the walk partially and see how the two will walk together. The next big day will be on Monday where I will get the money off of Andie that she owes (or some of it). I will also go to the post office and check my mail. I am hoping that with the money from Andie, and the money I have set aside, I can get a money order for the Humane Society. If I do, it will deplete my bank account until October 1.


Not much happened today. Talisa seemed a little more active, and I started walking her on an extended route. I also received the news that the insurance will cover my shoes as they should have, and will have to go there next week to get the molding made. Towards the end of the day, my music ran out, and I eventually will have to reset the play counts.

As for plans for tomorrow, it will be a late start, and will have to make some phone calls. I will need to cancel the vet appointment that was scheduled for two weeks. I will also need to contact a loan company I have a loan with for a hopeful two month deferment. I will also need to call a company to make sure they canceled an account as they should have. Otherwise, no other plans for the day.


Today started off as a boring day, but quickly became chaotic, and ended well for the most part. Talisa is starting to act spoiled. Her diet consisted of a hot dog in the morning with a cup of dog food. She is now only eating the hot dog, and not the dog food. So, I am guessing I will have to settle that before it becomes out of control. The morning was reasonably well otherwise, but then I received a call from Colaizzi Pedorthic  that my shoes aren’t approved. I then have to fight with my insurance company about it. I guess I will not be going on Monday for the mold castings for the shoes.

After so far not winning with the insurance, I settled in for the evening, and walked Talisa in the evening after a show. However, during the walk, Andie called and asked if I will be willing to come over. It was her birthday, and this was also an opportunity for Talisa to meet Nippers (Andie and Chris’ Pit Bull). Nippers is normally aggressive with other dogs, but after some patience and a controlled meeting, the two played for a while, and Talisa even worn out 4½ year old Nippers. With some proper work and conditioning, Nippers and Talisa should get along just well. Since we got there late, Chris will make it up with Andie the next day, and I may even bring Talisa back. In my opinion, it would be good for her to be able to socialize with others. I did find out that Xavier was upset that Talisa had to leave. Of course with proper guidance, Talisa is usually very well behaved with children.

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