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Not much happened today. I spent most of the day home, and took the dogs for a walk. Otherwise, things have been relatively quiet. I received a call from Verizon as I wanted a Static IP address. Well, it comes to be that for me to have a Static IP address, I will need to switch to their business package ($150 fee), plus get a new modem/router ($150 fee), and get on their 50/20MBPS Business plan ($115/month). Needless to say, I will not be getting a Static IP address.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned for tomorrow. I will be checking for one of my bills to see if the bill for next month is ready. If so, I will pay it off. Otherwise, not much else planned for the day.

IPv6 – Every Address Should Have One

In 2010, there is going to be gradual implementation of IPv6. This would make life easier for everyone on the Internet, but I don’t think this would be used to its fullest potential. Most people using the Internet has something called a dynamic IP address. This means that they are given an IP address when they get on, and then when they log off, they loose that. Static IP address is when an account has a unique address that is the same all of the time. Even if that account is not being use, then the IP address is not in use.

IPv6 would use 128bit addresses which will mean that for the sake of the world population, there is virtually unlimited number of addresses. Even if each person in the world had 100 addresses for them, there would be no shortage. Now, some companies and places would have multiple addresses. Most web hosts have at least 2, and some as many as 6.

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