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Not much happened today. Chris didn’t show today, so I am hoping tomorrow. The money will be needed to cover some expenses. I walked the dogs, and gave them a brushing. I also updated the iPod Nano that I misplaced. This will be used during the night time. Otherwise, I watched a couple of show on Hulu, and did some more personal work.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will walk the dogs, and continue on. For the most part, there will be nothing to do, especially being a Sunday


Not much happened today. I was home for the most part, but I was preparing for tomorrow which would have been a demanding day. I also spent some time watching a couple of videos on Netflix. And while looking for something else, I found my old iPod Nano which hasn’t been reliable, but I might consider using it as a night time player for when I sleep.

As for plans for tomorrow, it will be a busy day. I will have to get cleats on my shoes, go to Katsur Dental to get some records since they seem to have no interest in treating me. I will also have to go to Petco to get some things for the dogs. Of course, I will also have to pay bills, but that will be done once my benefits come through.

Why iOS is beating Android

This is a speculative question, and some people may say that is not the case as there are more Android devices then there are iOS devices, but considering there are hundreds of different Android devices versus a few models with different storage size, and in my opinion with inferior specs – this could lead to some questions.

First, I consider the iPhone to be an inferior device not because of its build quality, but because of the specifications in the iPhone vs. the price. First, the iPhone 4S has a dual core 800Mhz CPU. It has 512MB of memory, and a 3.5” screen. While it may have a 8MP rear camera, it has a .3 (3/10) MP camera front camera. It does support Bluetooth 4 which is a saving grace. It has no expandable storage, so you buy a 16, 32, or 64GB model, and you have to buy a brand new phone at the full price if you want more storage. Also, the severely closed OS where apps can’t do what they need to do effectively, and even some categories of apps not even being able to be produced due to Apple’s TOS policy. For example, there will never be any call management software, therefore such capabilities has  to be at some service level.

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Being today was a Sunday, I wasn’t going anywhere even if I wanted too. I did chatted with a couple of friends, wrote a few email, allowed my battery to run dead so I can hopefully condition it. However, it would seem as if I still have bad battery life. Later on, I watched Saturday Night Live on Hulu, and Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. About the time that Chris left, my iPod needed resynchronizing. I decided to extend the play list for each day from 12 to 16 hours, and left the night at 10 hours. Once I plugged the iPod in, it prompted for a 410MB download which in my opinion is ridiculous. I would love to replace with an Android device that supports Android Market if possible.

As for plans for tomorrow, I would have liked to go to the post office, and pay a bill, but due to lack of bus fare, I am going to have to wait until Tuesday when I also have to go grocery shopping. I will also be expecting the landlord to come in the late afternoon to fix the ceiling where there was some water leakage. It is assumed to be the caulking from the tub on the second floor since it is not leaking every time there is the tub, or shower running. Otherwise, tomorrow will be a bit quiet.

December 14

Today was a busy day. I had to go to a local store which I did in the late afternoon. However, I spent most of my day inside. The reason was simple – 12°F. However, I made my day a bit productive. I did a bit of work on my Fantasy Website, and managed to finish another section, and will be working on a new section. I am hoping that section will be completed in a couple of days.

I also did some work on the new frankpilone.me web site which will contain the pages that were on the blogs, but make more sense to be here. I also made a couple of posts to Twitter, but nothing exciting.

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November 18

Today was a slightly busy day. I had to check something with the bank, and then I went to my brother’s place to drop off a keyboard for Andie. It will seem as if their keyboard no longer worked, and I decided to buy one for them. I stayed there a few hours, and then went home.

I also figured that when I updated to 2.2 on my phone, it would have seem while I got a number of improvements, I seem to no longer have any integrated IM client with the exception of Google Talk (which I have no one on it). So, in turn, I had to decide to get a separate IM client.

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November 17

Not much went on today. I had to go to the main street which I got a keyboard for Andie. I will be taking it there tomorrow. I also tried again with failure to get Google Voice for iOS on my iPod Touch which I am sure is only going to work for iPhone.

I also received an invitation for About.ME which is not as impressive as I expect. I will do some additional work on it, but already seen that it will not even come close to replacing, or even complimenting the .TEL address.

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November 16

Today was a bit of a busy day. With the exception of getting toothpaste in the evening, I stayed home. I watched all of the shows on Hulu, watched the podcasts as they came in, and made all of the phone calls I intended to make today. However, what’s depressing is out of all of the reality listed in the Yellow Pages, only one was somewhat possibly promising.

I say this because there might be a 1 Bedroom apartment that should be wheelchair accessible and close to buses that might be available in a month or two. I will know more in about a week. It is in the Manchester area of the city which isn’t my top choice, but considering this is so far the only possible option there is, I will look at it and if in a reasonably good area, then I will probably take it.

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October 20

Today was much like any other day. I did get a disc from Netflix (Losers – 2010, 1:37) which I watched. I also decided to make more use of the iPod Touch and while it is not a perfect solution, has been able to be used as a wifi phone. This is being done in conjunction with GV Mobile +, and a SIP client (of course with a DID). The telephone number is only to serve for allowing the Google Voice emulator to call the iPod Touch.

Otherwise, not much else going on. I have been having a hard time finding a new place which has been an annoyance. In the meantime, I will of course try later in the week. I also chatted with a friend for a few moments, but not much beyond that.

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September 4

Today was a pretty quiet day. I did receive a DVD from Netflix which I will have to drop off when I go out tomorrow. Chris stopped by this afternoon, and in the night. So, when I finished watching the disc, the post office was closed. It’s OK though. They will receive it Wednesday (Monday – Post Office is closed), and I should get a new disc on Thursday.

I been doing some work on a site, and I will hope to have it up this month. I already created a sub domain for it, so that will be promising. I also had to re-sync my home music which of course, replace a couple of hundred songs can take several of minutes.

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