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Today was a good day. The Verizon technician came about 9:30AM, and finished about 11:00. I had some problems with getting my SIP services running again, but this was resolved, and my ATA resides on one of the RJ45-10M ports. I will eventually need to work on getting everything completely set up, but the idea would be to rely on a cordless house phone while I am home, and therefore demand less on the cellular phone. The house phone as with the cell phone displays my Google Voice number, and this is what I want. Since PBXes.org has proven to be unreliable, I will have to wait until I can set up an IAX server before I attempt to have extensions, and make use of them.

I managed to write a couple of emails, and downloaded a lot of music files. I couldn’t reliably get these songs on the old ISP, but now was able to do that and much more. A video podcast that is almost an hour only takes a couple of moments to download. And of course, I took Talisa for a walk, played with her, and she managed to play with one of the dogs upstairs. She has been testing my patience though, which I am hoping is only a temporary phase.

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Chris stopped by in the evening, although he said the afternoon. It put a dent in the plans, but I worked around it. I called Clear and asked of them of any reason why my Internet is still terrible. I finally spike with someone and they decided to tell me I was being “managed” because I was using too much data. Really, this is their excuse? After this, I started to look into other solutions. I have then decided on Verizon for Fiber Optic Service. It would cost me more, but I will hopefully have much better performance. This of course will mean I may have to fight with Clear on their ETF which I will refuse to pay.

As for the FiOS installation, this will be on the 14th, and I can not wait until I get the service installed. In the meantime, I will continue to “promote” my “managed” connection speeds. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to pay my electric and my fingerhut bill. I will also be seeking to get something for Talisa to chew on.


Today was much like most days. I am still having problems with my Internet connection, and it would seem as if Clear is of little help, or value. I am expecting that I could have the problem resolved (maybe) on the 9th, but there is no promise, and as problematic as this has been so far, I have little confidence that they will do anything. As for plans for tomorrow, I am expecting to have a movie come in, and hopefully – this problem will be fixed. In the meantime, I have to rely on my cell phone for things that are extremely important.


Not much went on today. I taken Talisa out for a walk a couple of times, and she got to play with one of the neighbor’s dog for about 5 minutes. However, things were pretty quiet. I did watched a couple of shows on Netflix, but had to use my cellular connection since my ISP was being intolerable again. Later in the evening, Chris stopped by, but otherwise – this was a quiet day. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to pick up some of the money from Andie, and Chris is supposed to stop down with some of the money he should have brought. However, no other plans. Tomorrow will be an active day in the morning though.


Today could have been a better day. Not much went on, although I wanted to watch a couple of TV shows from Hulu, which my ISP has made it virtually impossible. I hadn’t had a good connection most of the weekend, and today has only proven to be worse with an average of 650k/40k connection. If I had the money to change over, I would have done so already, but no matter what, I would have to contact someone who can actually fix the problem, and make me feel as a valued customer, because a connection like that is not worth the trouble, nor the contract.

On some other news, I had managed to chat with a couple of people I know. And while eating dinner, it would seem as if a neighbor from across the street had to go to the hospital via ambulance. In all honesty, could only hope she would be well. As for plans for tomorrow, I would have to contact Clear about their incompetency, wait for a DVD (hopefully around 10AM), go to the post office (hopefully with the DVD watched), and go grocery shopping for a week’s worth of food. It would seem as if my day would be a bit busy tomorrow.


Today had its good moments and its bad moments. I haven’t been feeling well so that is not good. I got back home from my brother’s at about 8:30AM. The proposed landlord finally got by and filled the document mostly correct, but now he decided to not provide supporting documents. I informed him, and he noted it is coming to him in the mail. While I personally feel that this is strange, I am going to give him a benefit of a doubt, and wait 1 week.

On my way back home, I got a loaf of bread, and a sandwich so I wouldn’t have to make anything when I got home. On some other news, I managed to get my ISP bill brought down (at least for a year) on the grounds that they have terrible latency, and that the price is not worth it. Otherwise, I just stayed home for the afternoon, and tried to rest as best as I can. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a phone call, but otherwise, I will be home trying to rest.

Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

After more than a year since Nauticom (aka Penn Telecom) became Consolidated Communications, and had to deal with service issues, billing issues, support issues – I will soon be dropping them in favor for another carrier. Now, you might be asking why drop them now when I won’t be in my current residence in two weeks?

Well, first – I had looked at a number of options. Seeing the service that Comcast provides to my brother’s family, and seeing the ridiculous system in where Comcast nickels and dimes you for their already outrageous prices (average of > $100/month), I had no intention on dealing with them, even if they were willing to forgive the $32 they say I owe them when I know I don’t. Then there is DSL, but it will seem as if everyone demands some contract. And Verizon FiOS is available with a 15/3MBPS connection. Yes, I know you in Europe is laughing your behinds off, but I am not willing to pay $60 (with contract), or $75 (without contract) for speeds that should be a minimum standard. Continue reading Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

Progress on the Hunt

Today, I went to the only apartment I found that would hopefully meet my needs. I spoke with the property owner, and he would have to install a ramp for the time I would end up dealing with a wheelchair. In comparison to what I have now, this is a downgrade, but considering that this unit will no longer accept Section-8 in the next lease year, and a 1BR is more than my month’s income + utilities, I definitely can not even think of this place.

So, what is my initial assessment of this apartment? Well, the owner seems pretty reasonable, and seems as if he is willing to work with me. I have informed him that I can not afford to pay more than what I am paying now. As for financial considerations, my hopes is to get the utilities included, and get the security deposit waived (unlikely), or reduced. However, there are other considerations too.

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December 18

Not much went on for today. I stayed home for the most part, although I had to go to the post office earlier today. In addition, Andie stopped down to give money where she asked me to purchase a couple of things. Otherwise – I had been working on my site that will hopefully be ready to display and note. I also did some watching of Hulu, and podcasts.

I also had a problem with a particular web site, but it was resolved. It would have seem the company had a DNS problem which of course made it impossible for some ISP customers to be able to visit.

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August 20

Today was a bit of a quiet day. Not much went on for the most part, and stayed home. However, the pain was a bit much, and pretty much tried to stay off of my feet as much as possible.

I did some chatting, and looking for a new ISP when I move since I am not so satisfied with Consolidated. In my search, I came across the possibility that Clear might be in Pittsburgh this year. Well, for the same price, I could get comparable uploads, and twice the claimed download speeds. For $15 more, I could get the same service, and I could get mobile broadband for if I should ever get a notebook.

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