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A bit has happened today. First, the last of my loan payment was paid today. This means, next month, I will be able to devote that money to another issue that should be addressed. However, on a more personal level, I had a number of things that needed to be done. First, I needed to get cleats on my shoes. After that, I needed to go to Katsur Dental to get panoramic X-Rays since my insurance will only cover for one every 5 years. After the pickup of the X-Ray copy, I then went to Petco which I had to get a couple of things for the dogs. After that, I took a bus to the Northside, and dropped off the copy, and waited for a bus home.

Once I got home, I took the dogs for a walk, although I was in too much pain to take them for an evening walk. I spent a little bit of time working on a web site, and watched a few videos. After that, I prepared dinner, but accidently dropped it. Rather than spending another 45 minutes making it again – I simply just made a sandwich. I closed the evening with a bath, and got ready for bed.

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Today was partially productive, and partially a waste of time. I left a little before 9AM to get everything done as quickly as possible. The first thing I needed to do was go to Downtown to refill my card, and get more tickets. I only had enough for 4 trips left, so it needed to be added to.

After that, I went to the South Side to go to Katsur Dental. Since they didn’t seem to have any interest in serving me when I lived in Oakland, I just wanted to go to get certain X-Rays that insurance will only cover for once every 5 years. However, for some stupid reason, they weren’t open, and I will have to go back on Monday.

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