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August 2017

This month could have been better. At the very least, it was frustrating. Where I will have a significant bias, and take much of what happened as personal, I will try to not let it affect the basic truth of what happened. This will be done as best as can be.

In the first week of the month, my brother did something wrong by me. It has even come to the point where I can not trust him any longer. With that being said, I had asked my landlord to do a couple of things to help deal with what my brother has done to me. If the precautions I have taken will fail, I will have to consider moving, or worst case scenario, surrender Malak and become homeless until I will be able to find a new place to live. Continue reading August 2017


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, but there was also a bit of snow fall, and some ice as well. In addition, the landlord came to clean up the apartment above my own. Otherwise, not much happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans – especially with it being a Sunday. The next time I will have to do something will be on Tuesday.


Not much happened today. The landlord stopped by to address the newly vacant unit above me. I also went to do my laundry which cost more than I would have liked. In addition, I grabbed a half-gallon of milk with cash I had on hand.

Otherwise, the day has been relatively quiet. Not much else happened other than the laundry, dog walk, and the landlord needing to go upstairs. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be expecting Andrea to pay the last $10 she owes for the phone bill. I also have a small errand tomorrow. Otherwise, not much else planned.


Today was a exasperating day. I tried to sign up for a service with failure on their end. I also walked the dogs, although not as much as I would have wanted to considering the pain I was in. The landlord had a couple of questions which I answered for him, but otherwise – the day has been quiet.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a dental appointment in Oakland. I will also have to pick up my prescription as well. Tomorrow will be relatively busy though.


Not much happened today. The landlord came to fix an outdoor faucet. I also wrote a couple of blog entries. Otherwise, there hasn’t been much that happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, Andrea is supposed to be depositing her phone bill in my account tomorrow. When she does this, it will be transferred to my credit card to try to reduce the money I will owe them. However, I have no plans for tomorrow neither. It will likely be a week before I will have to do anything, which in that case will be to get groceries.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs after it rained. The landlord fixed the door again, and I spent much of the day home. I watched a few videos, and did a little work on one of the sites. I also brushed the dogs which was normal. The next door neighbor gave some dog treats which was very nice of him. Obviously, they will get them on occasion rather than regularly.

No plans for tomorrow. However, the next week will be busy with a phone interview with regards to my SSI, and a doctor’s appointment. I will also have to pick up my prescription, make a deposit, and go grocery shopping. Thankfully, this will not be tomorrow, nor all in one day.


Not much happened today. I had to make a couple of phone calls which I done. I also received my T-Mobile bill which was a little higher than I expected. I found out why, and it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. The landlord came to cut the grass in the back yard, and of course I walked the dogs.

I also had to write a couple of emails, and checked on a couple of things online, but the day was a little productive for the most part. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to go to get dog food this week, and if possible, get cleats on my shoes to minimize the number of trips I will have to take. If I don’t get the dog food this week, it will be on Monday next week when I go to an appointment.


Not much happened today. I bought a couple of things at the local convenience store to offset the monotony of food I have. I also walked the dogs, and got a call from the landlord, which the call wasn’t too important. I also made a couple of calls – which was rather pointless.

As for plans for tomorrow, if my ankles are feeling OK, I will give the dogs a long walk. Otherwise, I don’t have much planned for the day. If I can, I will have to accomplish a couple of things, otherwise – I will wait until Monday.


Today was a bit of a hectic day. I had to go to Downtown to get a couple of documents printed. These documents were for rent rebate, however while I tried to connect to the FedEx wifi network, it wouldn’t have allowed me to connect. It was using AT&T’s network, so no wonder. Nonetheless, I finally got the documents printed.

I signed my portion, and mailed it off to the landlord who will need to fill out his portion. From there, I dropped it off in the mailbox, and the landlord should be able to fill a couple of entries out, and mail it off to the Rent Rebate program.

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