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Not much happened. The landlord came to fix the sink. However, I didn’t get to go to the grocery store as there was a massive snow fall that came, and it would have made it extremely hard to get to and from. I still have bread, and if worse comes to worst – I can always get the bread at the local convenience store and pay almost twice as much.

No plans for the next few days. I can only hope the weather, and roads will improve before January 2 as this is when I have a doctor’s appointment.


Not much happened today. The landlord came to fix the screen door. It wasn’t serious, although it could have been if not addresses. Part of the hinge was damage from a wind blow a few days ago. I also had problems with my Internet connection, and ended up resetting my router again. I walked the dogs on the treadmill, and then a social walk. They were a bit full of energy, so I walked them again in the early evening.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be writing a blog posting, but otherwise – just the normal day activities. I will have to make a phone call in the morning, but other that will be all.


Today was much of a quiet day. Not much happened considering it was the weekend. My landlord called in regards with an upcoming Section-8 inspection. About the only issue I could see will be regarding the kitchen floor which will not be expected to happen again. However, that will be for another day. No plans for tomorrow. I don’t expect to have anything upcoming until Wednesday. I will probably do some work on my websites though if all possible.


Today was a busy day. In the morning, I had some idiot yell at me, and the last time that happened, it turned out a professional said I did nothing wrong. So, I am not concerned with that. However, I realize this neighborhood has way too many stupid people who are “perfect”. 

Afterwards, I prepared the dogs so I could run a couple of errands. I had to get cleats on my shoes, and will eventually have to get the soles replaced. That will be at least $60 to do that. I also got the licenses for the dogs for 2012. I am just glad that both were only $20. I then went to the post office, and finally got a listing of my food benefits. In addition, I had an additional errand.

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Not much has happened. My landlord came to replace the thermostat. Chris came by later this evening. Otherwise, things have been pretty much. I did some work on the site, and will be making a couple of adjustments. I also watched a couple of television shows.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will walk the dogs. I will also be preparing to go to to take care of bills on Friday. I will also do some work on the site. Otherwise, no other plans.


Today was a quiet day. I walked the dogs, and Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. The landlord was scheduled to come to replace the thermostat, but called and said he will come the next day. I also found out that Google Voice no longer supports +883 dialing as a SIP address. This will mean that if I was to get my bills cut back a bit when Andie leaves my plan, then I will have to not only get Google Voice support, but also have a dual SIP ATA/Phone. So far, it will look as if the ObiHai 110 will be my most realistic option.

I had made a few adjustments to a site that I have been working on, and while not yet out of BETA, it should be tomorrow. I had a podcast come in which is interesting since many of them are off for the holidays. Not much else went on today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be pretty much the same thing. I will take the dogs for their walk, work on the site, and if my ankles are up for it, take them again in the evening.


Not much happened today. I had an errand to go, and I left in the late afternoon. I also did some work on a web site, and researched on trying to make Google Voice to make iNUM calls so I will only have to deal with one provider, and number. It didn’t seem to work, so I will rely on Local Phone to make iNUM calls. This was a shame as I would have figured Google Voice would have kept something worthwhile from Gizmo.

I also got a call from the landlord, and he would be coming by tomorrow to replace the thermostat. I also removed my Gigaset phone, and set all calls to my POTS line to my cell phone. I will still be watching minutes though. In addition, I had to call my carrier’s customer service with an error on my bill. It was addressed, and will hopefully not have the same problem in the future. In addition, I wrote a couple of emails, and not much else happened.

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Today was a quiet day for the most part. I didn’t go anywhere, although I watched a disc that I received yesterday. I of course took Talisa for a walk, and played with her for a while, although I couldn’t do as much as I wanted too with the pain. I also made a meal for the weekend which again was pasta as this seems to be the most filling of cheap meals there are. The landlord also stopped down, and collected the rent. He as well seen the puppy, and fell in love with her. Yes, she is that lovable.

Not much else went on today. I waited for a call, but it never came. I also been having a repeat caller that never leaves a messages. I used my phone’s firewall to send that caller to voicemail all of the time. I know, it seems strange, but maybe they will get the point to leave a message. Otherwise, not much else went on. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will like to pick up the money owed from Andie and Chris as soon as they have it ready. It seems as it is becoming more trouble to collect than it is worth.


Today was a bit of a quiet day and pretty much the same. However, a couple of things had happened. First, I went to get a couple of small things at a store that I had to take a bus. I made a call with no success, and did some adjustments in my play lists for both my phone, and music player. In addition, it would seem as if the pain management office decided to call me and reschedule my appointment (again) which is becoming a nuisance.

In the evening, the ceiling in the kitchen was leaking which I of course called the landlord. He asked if I could take a picture and send it to him. It would seem as if AT&T does not accept images greater than 3MB, and the picture I took was 4MB. I also made some adjustments on my contact directory, and wrote a blog post.

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Today was a quiet day, so not much went on. Since Facebook won’t let you import contacts into the phone (you’ll see them as long as you are logged in), I decided to manually add the contacts I have in Facebook into the phone. Not that I expect most people to contact me, but I figured it would make sense to have the details nonetheless. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and the landlord came by to take a look at the toilet that decide not to misbehave, and I gave him the rent. Since tomorrow is garbage night, I also collected all of the garbage, and took it to the curb for removal late tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the post office, and check any mail. I also been having problems with an app I was hoping would work, but it hasn’t been working properly, so I in turn will remove it. Otherwise, tomorrow will be relatively quiet. I will also be considering dropping the Yahoo ID that is exclusively for the phone, and using a primary one. Chris may also stopped by in the evening, and I will also have to make a phone call or two, and compose some email. Really exciting, huh?