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Final Review: IdeaPad A1000L-F

A few days ago, I received the Lenovo IdeaPad A1000L-F on sale as I would have benefited from a tablet to offset the demands on my phone, and PC. While the concept and thought was good, the product was not. This is my final review of the tablet.

The tablet was purchased from Amazon, and will be hopefully returned to them by this time next week. I opted to have UPS pick up the tablet which they can take 2-5 business days. This could mean anytime between 2013-12-04, and the 9th.

The Good

I still liked the headphone jack was on top, and liked the weight. I would have thought that the name of the brand would have meant something, but in this case, it didn’t.

The Bad

What was there to like about it? With exception of a couple of things, this tablet has been a bane in my existence. When plugging in a headphone, the tablet nags you about the volume. The volume rocker by the way is finicky which would respond for no reason, and other times, it will respond after a minute.

Whatever the CPU was in the tablet, it wasn’t of any value. It stuttered just through scrolling, and as for the wallpaper – it was a plain black wallpaper which should have meant less demands on processing.

Video quality was sub-par even for it being a $100 tablet (the MSRP rather than sale price). The screen also acted as if it was a resistive touch screen which made using a stylus for capacitive screens a problem to use at best. The stylus would have been important in very cold temperatures.

The tablet also rebooted a couple of more times for now reason. And one time – the power button was completely unresponsive. Again, I would have expected much better from Lenovo.

The Ugly

There is still the fact of a lack of rear camera and obviously, an LED flash. One app I wanted to install on the tablet wasn’t possible, while another app I had (WhatsApp) wasn’t compatible neither. And as noted, no Bluetooth.

Final Verdict

This device had an RMA on it within 2 days of owning it. Needless to say, I will not be keeping it, nor would I recommend this to anyone. I will still want a tablet, but will likely consider the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 8 as for the next tablet. The Nexus 7-32 with LTE is offered on a payment plan with T-Mobile. I will want to reduce my current EIP payments before taking on another one. However, this tablet is one that I don’t think anyone should buy.

First Impression: IdeaPad A1000L-F

The IdeaPad A1000L-F manufacturered by Lenovo was received in the afternoon of 2013-11-30. As with all of my reviews, I go into detail of the role of the device. While I won’t say it was a need (as opposed to the Nexus 4 replacing the G2x), the tablet will carry a number of roles to offset the demands of the phone.

The tablet will be functioning as an e-reader (until I get a real one), an RSS reader, and podcast device. It will also serve in a role of handling music, videos, and casual games – all of which I would rather not do with the phone. The phone will still play music when I am not home considering I do not have a multi-point Bluetooth set. However, the tablet will handle many demands that I will normally use my cellular phone for now. Since the tablet is not cellular capable, it will use my cellular router to connect when it is not home.

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