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July 2018

Not much happened this month. I wrote a few emails to a person, and kept up with Twitter. I am adjusting to the new phone I had for a little more than a month. As usual, I posted my thoughts about it which you could find at http://fsp.cc/1+6. The first week however was spent paying bills, transferring my rent rebate to my savings account, and taking Malak to the vet for his annual checkup.

The second week wasn’t very exciting. I received my food assistance benefits which I then went to the grocery store and bought most of the food I need for the month. As usual, I bought hot dogs, a few TV dinners, bread, coffee, and have some left over to handle the more perishable foods. I also went to the pharmacy to purchase Q-Tips.
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November 2015

October was bad, and November wasn’t much better. The weather was suitable which allowed me to focus on helping Malak through the grieving process. I on the otherhand will have a harder time to deal with it. People are still asking where’s the other dog which can be infuriating to have to repeat myself. The Pain Psychologist I have been seeing has done as much as she can with helping. She also feels considering that she deals with pain, I will also benefit from another specialty.

Verizon decided to charge more than I can afford, so I ended up going to Comcast. Not something I would have wanted to do as I am not in favor with Comcast, and on the first day, they were screwing things up. And while I liked T-Mobile, I moved services over to Project Fi which is Google’s MVNO. They are about half of the cost, but the conflicts with Google Voice has me somewhat concerned over what hoops I will have to jump through.

All in all, things are much the same. I been tolerating life, and while I know that doesn’t sound too optimistic, it is for my state.

Bad September!

First off, if you don’t want to read bad news, then run away. This post is nothing but bad news. September has been nothing but a long string of terrible events that is just plain wrong. I am sure I can find people to point fingers at, but it won’t change the facts at hand. With that being said, I know that this post will be of no value, and will not change facts. At best, it might bring a couple of tears to the one or two people that might read my blog, but if nothing else, I feel I should at least vent, because isn’t that what a personal blog is for?

Obviously, this post is about events that has affected me personally. And while I am not perfect, I am going to do my best to not be judgmental, and just state facts. Also, this post is not an attempt to ask for any hand outs, or even hand-ups. I almost never have help beyond the normal standard stuff that  someone in my position and state would otherwise receive, and for that I am appreciative.

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Changes for 2015

As 2015 rolls in, there will be changes to working on my blog. This is due to the monotony of my life. At one point, I did a posting almost every day. This year, I done weekly, but even then – I find hard to write more than a few paragraphs. Most of my days are much the same with some changes here and there. If there is any major event, I will post it as I normally would, but on the first of the month, I will post a blog pointing on the previous month.


Another reason for the lack of interaction is lack of audience. Therefore, it has come to the point where most of the writing is read by one or two people. Simply put, a lack of demand has made a lack of interest. Obviously, anyone that would want to be more involved with my life are more than welcomed to do so. My contact information is located at http://fsp.tel/ and this address is even friendly to basic phones, and WAP browsers.

New Format for Daily Updates

Starting today’s Daily update (coming in a few hours of this post), there will be a new format for how daily updates are done. The daily update is the posts that a person will read with regards to what happened during the day, and almost always updated the very next day.

The new titles (which the URL is based off of) will be in the format of the year-month-date. Therefore, if it was December 31, 2010 – than the Title will look like 2010-12-31. However, I am not planning on making the changes on previous pages as there are almost 200 of them. Continue reading New Format for Daily Updates

Life Laughs at Me Again!

A few days ago, T-Mobile finally rolled in UMTS (a version of GSM 3G) into the city of Pittsburgh PA. Being a big user of my data, and feeling constrained, the 3G bandwidth would have definitely been something I would have benefited from even despite there is no 3G smart phone with UMA.

So, yesterday while trying to resolve a problem with the 8220 my brother used, I inquired about it, and found out that T-Mobile would not renew a contract until 22 months of the 24 month contract. Well, this is a shock. I would have expected the industry standard of 18 months, but here it’s 22 months with T-Mobile.

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