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And the Craziness Concludes

Today (2014-07-14) was a crazy day. First, I had to run a couple of errands. This led me to walk the dogs early in the morning. I then boarded a bus to go to Downtown at 8AM. Out of this, I went to find out shipping costs for an item so I will know when I get a similar item. I also got an email from an eBay seller to tell me that what I asked for wasn’t what I got. So, that was a thorn in the side. I also went to FedEx to make a few copies, and get a receipt scanned to .pdf. After the post office, and FedEx, I waited in line to get into Social Security to get verification of my income. I went home, walked the dogs again, and went back out after I dropped off everything I done. I went to the pharmacy to pick up something there, and made it back home.

Part of what needed to be done was fold some documents which then had to be stamped, and prepared to send. The income verification would have been among them, but the envelope from the company was defective which meant I had to call them, and get an address I can send mail too. That will have to be done when I get the chance. I will have that document and what needs to be done prepared beforehand. The receipt is for my Nexus 5 which I chose to spend $90 for a 2 year agreement as compared to what I would have to pay with  T-Mobile. I sent an IM to the person that was supposed to have the phone about the defect. I also sent a message to help someone, wrote two blog postings on my Technology Blog, and a posting on this blog (other than this one), and concluded the day with dinner, and ending the evening.

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Not much happened today. I had a couple of errands today which I left about 9:30AM, and got back home a bout 3:00PM. I didn’t get to take the dogs for a walk most due to the snow followed by rain.

No plans for tomorrow, and I will expect to be home all day with the exception of walking the dogs (if possible). Otherwise, I will wait until Monday for my next active day which I will have a doctor’s appointment, and will have to add funds to my Transit Card which is low.

November 7

Today was a long day indeed. I woke up at 4AM – although it should have been 5AM. So, I spent much of the day with little or nothing to do. I did go to the store in the early afternoon to get some food for the day until my food benefits comes in. There were no TV shows that were ready, nor any podcasts.

I made some changes with a web page that displays my QR code, and also made a blog entry – although something happened to it to make it hard to post. I don’t know why, but I blame Daylight Savings Time. I also set up a dedicated phone number that has ACR enabled for use behind the scenes with Google Voice.

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November 4

Not much happened today. I spent much of the day home, chatted with someone, and had message from someone not otherwise in my contacts. I also made some updates on the pilone.tel address. This day has been rather quiet and long.

To help pass the time, I just listened to music, and watched a few TV episodes on Netflix. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the Downtown area of the city, and get listings (hopefully with something good). I will also pick up schedules for Andie.

September 17

This day was a long and tiring day. I waited at someone’s apartment on their behalf for much of the day only to not have the particular reason why I was waiting there happened. In addition, I ended up not able to go back home afterwards as some other issues had to be accomplished.

However, this favor I did at least had some return – although not quite enough in my opinion, but I guess that is life. After all of this day went through, I eventually made it home after midnight, and of course – wasn’t as much in the mood to be writing anything. I downloaded some podcasts, while eventually taking a bath.

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