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Not much happened today, although it was hectic. I misplaced my transit card, and my Google Wallet card – both of which I gave up and had them replaced as the old ones being lost. I did find them after I reported them, so that made my life inconvenient. Because of the card issue, I had to walk to Downtown which took about an hour. While in Downtown, I did pay for their license fees for 2014. I also took the subway to Allegheny Station where I went to the Humane Society to get their heartworm prevention medicine. After that, I returned to Downtown to catch the bus back home. I left at 9:00AM, and got home about 12:30PM.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will hopefully be able to walk the dogs. Otherwise, I will be home – especially since there is no bus service, nor money after paying bills. Not much else will be planned for tomorrow as I will spend some of the day recovering from today.


Not much happened today. It was severely cold, so the dogs only had one walk today. In addition, I tried to do work on the PC that was handed to me to service. The system is however unredeemable in my opinion. The owner told me to stop work on it, and I will be taking it back to him. I also watched a show on Netflix (when my Internet was tolerable), and did some work that is outsourced to me.

Today wasn’t all good. I somehow noticed I lost some money which will hurt me next month. I also have been in a bit of pain today. The monitor that Chris gave me was a lemon. I did manage to write a blog posting, so that is good.

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