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Magic Jack vs. netTALK

I’m sure many heard of Magic Jack. It is a device that plugs into a Windows or Mac PC, and from there – you could plug in a phone, and make calls as long as the PC is not in in sleep mode, and there is a broadband connection.

And netTALK is a very similar device that is on pre-order, but gives you the option to either plug it into a computer, or into a router. Unlike a computer, routers do not have a sleep mode, but you would still need a broadband connection.

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July 6

Today was a very quiet day. I am still in some pain, so I didn’t intend on going anywhere. About the only place I would go anyways would be to the grocery store to buy a few days worth until I get my food benefits which should cover a couple of weeks. However, I spent much of the day trying to relax the pain. I also wrote a blog posting, and decided to do something I would never expect myself doing.

The notebook beyond the screen is semi-functional. To try to keep the screen as capable as possible, I turned the brightness completely down, and removed just about every program that was not absolutely needed. Now, why would I go through this if I have no intention on using this?

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Can’t We All Just Get Along – VOIP?

It is 2010, and there are a lot of neat things when it regards to communications. And it is this that has driven prices down, or at least helped slow the up pace. However, it would seem as if there are several different proprietary competitions that claim to be better than everyone else when at best – they are as good as the standard.

For example, companies like Vonage, and Packet8 both seems to be the AOL of VOIP. They provided you with everything including incompatible hardware. Yes, the adapter works, but the adapter only works with their service. And just like AOL, they used the industry standards in technology, but kept it away from the user. Magic Jack also does this, but goes one step further, and requires your computer to be running which is if nothing else a resource waste.

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Calls with the US for Free

There are many times when people come to the US to work, or live, but have families in other parts of the world. The US is notorious for high international rates. I remember calling Canada by accident (since US shares numbers with Canada and a few other countries), and it cost me 25¢ per minute. And I am sure that real communications between people is paying such high rates are intolerable for most.

This tip would help people to make communications easier and more tolerable. Now keep in mind, that even though the calls are most likely free – this does not make the service itself free. It would mean that such calls are not going to cost an arm and a leg. I would provide a number of options, and from there – most people would be able to make an informed decision.

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Smart Phone System

A problem I am sure everyone has, and that would be receiving calls when they don’t want to, and from people they don’t want too. Also, having calls at times that are inappropriate. I actually had people calling for Jerome at 2:30 AM, and when I mentioned that there was no Jerome, the person wanted to carry on a conversation with me. Keep in mind – this was at 2:30 in the morning. Other things would include business or professional related calls in the evenings. There is a relatively economical way of providing a means in which everyone can reach you, but on your terms.

Throughout this blog posting, I would be noting things that may not always apply to you. This would be dependant on your exact needs, but I would address this in a way where most people would be able to relate. This would include a “Work”, “Home”, and “Mobile” number. I would also assume that you would want Family, and Very Important People to reach you no matter where. I would also assume that you don’t have nor want a POTS phone. If you have children, you should have one, or at least a landline based one. I would also assume you live in the US. Sorry majority of the world, this tip doesn’t help much for you.

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Magic My Jack

On Monday 9th of June of 2008, I have received a special piece of hardware that utilizes software, and a service. This device and service is called Magic Jack. It is a special device that connects to the USB port of your Windows XP/MAC OS PC. The software installs on your PC, and you set up with an email address. You would than be able to select a limited line of phone numbers that are US based. Once you set everything up, you would be able to connect a telephone that has a standard US based RJ-11 jack into a the device, and you could make regular phone calls.

The device cost’s about $50 including shipping. It takes about 5 -10 minutes to set up, and it installed easily on a Windows XP Pro computer. It includes one year of service, and each additional year is $20/year. Continue reading Magic My Jack