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Not much happened today, other than a busy morning. I left early in the morning to go to Downtown to make some photocopies which had to be addressed today. I left at 7:30AM, did the copies, and got on the 8:15AM bus which was my plan. I did all that needed to be done and finished about 10:30AM. The mail left in the mail box, and I gave the dogs a small walk. Otherwise, this day has been quiet. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will likely be home for the weekend.


Not much happened today. The dogs got a walk, and a brushing. Otherwise, this day has been rather dull and quiet. This is pretty much the case as with all Sundays. I did watched a couple of videos from Netflix, and did some minor work with a newsletter that I handle on the behalf of someone else. Their mail went out during the walk.

As for tomorrow, it will be a busy day. I will have to go to an appointment in the early afternoon as well as add funds to my transit card. I have $14.43 that will be added to my $9 that I currently have on the card. Considering that I will have to take two buses each way, some of this will obviously be consumed.


Not much happened today. I took the dogs for a walk, and played with them for a bit, but otherwise – it was pretty quiet. I also received some mail that will have to be addressed later in the next week. This will hopefully be done on Tuesday. Last, I did some work on a web site, but had to make some changes.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans. I will be home since it is a Sunday. The dogs will get their walk, and Chris said he was coming today, but I will take that with a grain of salt as he has been very unreliable lately.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs a couple of times today. Although, I had some pain, so I was off of my feet much of the time. I worked on a couple of personal documents, and watch a couple of shows on Hulu.

I also took out my trash which I just had a bag of recyclable trash. I had a piece of mail to verify the change of electric supplier which that provider charges 7.2¢ per kwh, although I still have almost 10¢ per kwh charged by Duquesne Light.

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Not much happened today. I made a phone call which I did that first thing in the morning. In addition, I had to make some mailings to go out which I did those. When I took the mail to the mail drop box, I then went to the convenience store to buy bread. The terrible thing is that bread at the grocery store is $2.00, while the convenience store is $3.00. While I probably should have gone to the grocery store, I was in a bit of pain to go there.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will most likely stay home. Tomorrow, I will have to pay my bills. With the added credit from T-Mobile, my bill is less than $100 (remember, I have two lines). This will make the shock of the cost for paying bills not as extreme. I will also want to watch a movie in the morning before the mail comes in. I am also waiting for a particular thing to come that will be used with my old G2x.

No More PO Box

Earlier this month, my PO Box expired, and this was by choice. There were a number of reasons of why, but this will now take some adjusting. This is the first time in 20 years that I had been without a PO Box. The reason of why was for privacy.

However, I have come across the realization that I almost never send nor receive mail beyond bills. Needless to say, my Internet Service Provider for example knows my address. The same applies to the electric company. So, instead of paying $38 per 6 months, and have to spend a morning anytime I will want to check my mail that may or may not have anything in it, I have decided to simply cancel the box.

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Today was a normal day. Not much went on. I did get some mail that will have to be addressed this week, which I will try to do a little tomorrow. I also watched a few TV episodes on Netflix, and tried to get a hold of a couple of people.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to run an errand to get a couple of groceries until Friday. I will also have to try to make the calls again, and try to get a hold of the people I need to. I will likely walk the dogs when I get back from the errands.


A few things happened today. I went to get new soles on my shoes which of course took a while. I first have to take two buses to get there, and two buses back. One bus trip is about 45 minutes. I also had to pick up my mail. Out of my mail, only two items left with me. One of them was Vonage trying to get me to go back with them. This is not something I was interested in, considering the problems I had. After questioning the sales rep, they still seem as shady as always, even though they are legitimate company.

Not much else went on today. I tried to get a hold of Chris, and tried to place an order with a company for a service – but they wouldn’t accept it. I called them, and they decided to have me jump through hoops. I told them to cancel the account. I finished the day with going with a competitor, and left it be at that.

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Not much happened today, including no Connect Card. This will mean I will have to break change everywhere I go, and make my life a little more uncomfortable. I will have to leave early considering that I also have a doctor’s appointment. After that, I will have to go and get weight lifting gloves for when I will have to rely on a wheelchair (when the route 4 is terminated).

I will have a few other things that will need to be addressed as well. It would mean that I will be gone most of the day, and this is something I can’t trust the dogs with as of now – so they will have to  be contained in one room.


Not much happened today. I did some prework for the web site I am working on, and had a piece of mail that needed to be addressed. I also called Port Authority in regards to the Connect Card which I received the invitation for this week. It would seem it can take 3-5 business days with regards to their mail. In other words, they might be sending it out on Monday. They gave me another number to call if I want more detail, but you would figured that they will give that option in their IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

No plans for tomorrow. I will be home, especially considering that it will be a Sunday, and there are no buses. Otherwise, things will be much the same. As for the mail that had to be addressed today, that will be done tomorrow when I drop some mail off in the mailbox.