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Not much happened today. I did a little work on a web site, and cleaned out the web sites that were of little or no good. I will eventually be killing allowing domains to expire as their time comes up.

I placed the correction devices on the dogs, and they remembered from when they had it before, and seemed to have act a little better, although they gave some problems on the walks. I am continuing to use the Jabra Halo 2 headphones. It is not a great solution, but the best one available for now.

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Not much happened today. I had to make a couple of phone calls which I done. I also received my T-Mobile bill which was a little higher than I expected. I found out why, and it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. The landlord came to cut the grass in the back yard, and of course I walked the dogs.

I also had to write a couple of emails, and checked on a couple of things online, but the day was a little productive for the most part. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to go to get dog food this week, and if possible, get cleats on my shoes to minimize the number of trips I will have to take. If I don’t get the dog food this week, it will be on Monday next week when I go to an appointment.


Today was a busy day. In the morning, I had some idiot yell at me, and the last time that happened, it turned out a professional said I did nothing wrong. So, I am not concerned with that. However, I realize this neighborhood has way too many stupid people who are “perfect”. 

Afterwards, I prepared the dogs so I could run a couple of errands. I had to get cleats on my shoes, and will eventually have to get the soles replaced. That will be at least $60 to do that. I also got the licenses for the dogs for 2012. I am just glad that both were only $20. I then went to the post office, and finally got a listing of my food benefits. In addition, I had an additional errand.

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