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February 2015

February was a bit more eventful. Chris made a larger payment on money he owed, but that is where I will keep anything else private. The money was used to address some of my active debt. My media tablet for my home music player has went dead. This forced me to get a new one. Since I listen to music all of the time, a player is important. I also went to see my anesthesiologist who  he and his colleagues have been recommending another specialist in conjunction of their treatment. I also visited my ear doctor which told me that my problem will be reoccurring but not too serious. I guess when it excels in being a problem, I would need to make a special appointment with them.

On some brighter news, Chris gave me an Amazon gift card as a birthday present. It was nice of him, but my birthdays are typically not important to me. However, that is the end there. My keyboard is acting up, and some keys  have been sticking. Since I use a notebook PC, it is not so easy to just get a new keyboard. I had also been using a dating site for a couple of months, and as with past experiences, not much in the way of luck.

What Should Be in the Next Android OS

My life is good as for the regards to my cellular phone. I own the Nexus 4 which means I will always get the most recent version of the Android Operating System. With Android 4.2, I found a number of features that I really like, but I personally will like to see some features integrated with Android that would make the phone OS, a more capable system.

Now, I am sure that Google isn’t going to read this blog and say he is absolutely correct, and we need to do this. However, I am still interested in putting out my thoughts on what I think Android should include. I will be entering the features I will want to see from priority of importance.

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The PDA isn’t Dead, Just Hiding!

I was looking around for a little research, and came across a comment on a web site (Amazon) that the PDA is dead. At first, I agreed with him, but I was thinking – is it really? Yes, there is HP who sells as many models of PDAs as they do smart phones (2), and they seem to be the most successful ones. And of course, there is the old Palm devices, in which Palm left the PDA world to jump in their what I believe failing smart phone world. But there are PDAs out there, we just don’t see them as PDAs. Simply put, they are hiding in plain sight.

Let me explain exactly what I mean. In order to do that effectively, I need to give a little history lesson on mobile electronics. First came the organizer. This was a little itsy bitsy device with a QWERTY keyboard, and allowed you to set up all of your contacts, some basic details about them, and a calendar. You may also have some other features, but there was one thing all of these pieces of junk had in common. They were no availability to install, or update applications in the device. This meant that if it was buggy, or if you needed more features, you were SOL. In addition, some may have offered PC synchronization, but this was only with their application, and usually it was clunky, and no value to it. It essentially became a little more than a personal phone book.

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