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May 2017

The first two weeks of the month were extremely busy. On the first, I took my prescription down to Rite-Aid to be filled. It would seem as if they wanted to “give company policy” to make me make a special trip the next day to get my prescription. I was considering seeing if there were alternatives, but it will seem as if the anesthesiologist will start submitting my morphine to the pharmacy electronically. I will expect I will still need to provide ID.

Seen my pain psychologist on Wednesday, and went to a community center for the food bank on Friday. These too were in the first week of the month. In addition, on Tuesday of the first week, I went to the pharmacy (again), followed by getting cleats on my shoes, and an appointment for an eye exam and new glasses. It would seem as if my eyes were a bit worse. To make matters worse, not only did I need Transition Lenses (when the lens gets darker in sunlight), but the eye doctor wanted me to have a no glare lens as well. I expected to have a $500 bill, and the bill came to $493. This meant I needed to use a credit card. I got the new glasses on May 12.
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September 2015

September was one of the worst months I can recall in a very long time. One could read in all of the detail with the Bad September Entry. On a note of the after-effects, Talisa is doing better. Her skin irritation has cleared up, and only a couple of traces of it remains. People who had their phone turned off that were in my account hasn’t made any attempts to pay the past due. Since I still have the full phone bill to pay off (use the service, then pay for it), October will be a very bad month – at least financially. As for Talisa’s tests, the cheapest place is her regular vet office which is $150 for the visit, CBC, and thyroid test.

On one bit of good news, food assistance benefits gone from $77 to $109. So, now I am up to 40% of what a person needs to live with regards to food. American Dream, here I come. Obviously, the state of assistance with people in poverty is a whole another matter, so I won’t get into that. As for the exterminator, he has to come a couple of more times. The last time he didn’t need to spray in here. Just now have to make it through October. While the events of September have past, the financial consequences of those events are likely to continue through the rest of the year.

I Should Have My Own Medical Arts Building

For about a year, my Anesthesiologist (doctor specializing in pain management), and/or his colleagues have been recommending seeing another doctor in a separate specialty in addition to seeing him. I currently see my anesthesiologist every three months to make sure everything is well, and to receive prescriptions for a narcotic pain killer. However, since the last visit – I have been considering the suggestion. Personally, I am not sure what the secondary specialist will be able to do, and I have been procrastinating as I have too many doctors now. Not only do I have the anesthesiologist, but I also have a dentist due to bad teeth, an ear specialist due to my left ear drum being collapsed, and of course a primary care physician. In addition, if my ankles should ever take a turn for the worse, I may have to see an orthopedic surgeon, and another specialty (although not a physician) is a pedorthist (specializes in medical molded shoes). With all of this in mind, one could possibly understand why the procrastination.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I will be seeing my PCP, and ask for a recommendation with the specialty the anesthesiologist recommended. If she can’t provide one, then I will contact the nurse’s line for my anesthesiologist and should get something there. One of the other reasons I am considering this is due to the times that the pain gets worse, it has been more extreme, and lasts longer. Other options will involve consuming more Ibuprofen which can have problems in its own right, or seek different medicine. If the anesthesiologist suggested the option he has been recommending, I should look into that before I go and ask for something stronger. If I receive a diagnosis (in addition to the too damn many I have now) regarding my pain, then I will indulge more.

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Week 42 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Andrea, and Chris had some problems which meant he spent a few days with me. Otherwise, not much else happened. I got flea prevention medicine for the dogs which I will use in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, not much else happened. I wasn’t as productive as I would like to have been with my document that I have been working on, but this should hopefully change come next week. As for plans for next week, I will have to do some things that some people I deal with won’t like, but this is their consequences. I will also have a couple of errands to address which I am going to try to do everything at one time.

Week 25

This week was much like many other weeks. I had to disconnect with someone on BBM because they of course made an half-ass conversation, and suddenly, they feel I should be obligated to give them money. It is a shame that Ghanian, and Nigerian scam artists are infecting such a good service. I wanted to get more work on my sites done than I did. It was just one of those weeks. On some other news, a rebate application for a set of wired headphones came through to the processing center. It took them a week to do it, but at least it is done. I should hopefully be able to get the rebate in the form of a prepaid debit card in about a week.

On some other news, I went to the Humane Society to get a 3 month supply of heartworm prevention medicine. For the two dogs, it would have cost about $35 (about $6/pill). However when I went in to buy, I was told I could only get one month since the dogs are due for a new test in the next month. That wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if the two pills cost a bit less than $20 (about $10/pill). Needless to say, I am going have a complaint when they go in for their annual check up. It would also seem as if the one credit card that I needed to use to pay for the medicine had a bad magnetic stripe which also meant that I had to request a new card. Since this is the card that my bills, and essentials goes on, it will also mean I will have to jump through hoops to change the numbers.

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Week 11 – 2014

This week was a bit eventful. Even though Capital One denied me receiving the Quicksilver card (the one with cash back), and received a notice of the denial, I received another application request, and got the card I applied for. So, go figure. This week has been relatively busy otherwise. On Monday, I had to go to my anesthesiologist for a regular check up, and prescription. While on the bus to that appointment, I made an appointment for the dentist for the next day for some mold castings. In addition, on Monday, I bought a new pair of jeans, a package of socks, and razors (cheap ones) that will be used if the set I ordered does not come in time.

On Tuesday, it was just as busy. First, I went to register with the CAP Program. This will help make my electric bill a little more affordable. The representative suggested that I don’t pay next month’s bill which will be a shocker to me. However, I will follow their advise – at least for one month. That money will however go to my credit card. I also had to call a specialized pharmacy to verify some information for a special medicine I will receive for my pain. This will be in conjunction with my regular pain medicine. I then returned home, walked the dogs, and took a little nap. I woke up to go to the dentist which I forgot my shopping cart. I therefore will have to go another day. The dental appointment was better than most of the appointments as there was no real discomfort as they had to file a couple of the teeth down for the mold castings.

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Today could have been a better day. UPS came, but the driver couldn’t locate the phone which was out for delivery. I didn’t expect it, but it would have been good to have it nonetheless. The driver however took back the USB hub that I had returned. After the failed UPS delivery, I let the dogs out so I can leave for my dental surgery. I had to get my wisdom tooth extracted and since the tooth was impacted, it was an outpatient procedure. The surgery took about an hour, and I had a prescription for anti-biotics which I will start tomorrow.

After the procedure, I went to my Andrea’s to collect the last month’s phone payment, and it also had a minor payment towards this billing month. They also told me of a problem which I had helped in resolving. After leaving Andrea’s, I walked to the local Rite-Aid in Bloomfield to get my prescription filled, and get a couple of cans of soup since I should be on a lite food diet for a few days (so the extraction can heal). I then had to wait about 20 minutes for a 54C, and another 20 minutes for the 4. I left home about noon, and got home about 5:30PM. Obviously with the pain, I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, ate some soup, and did a little work on the web site, but not as much as I wanted too. I also tried to reach my brother to find out about the phone bill payment with no success. Sometimes, I feel as if my family is more trouble than good.

I watched a couple of videos, but was falling asleep with the concoction of medicines I have to take. Not only am I taking my morphine, but also an Anti-Biotic, and the dentist suggested that I also take Ibuprofen to even out the swelling that I will have from the extractions.

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A bit happened today. I had a couple of errands, and had a dental appointment to go to. As for the errands, I needed to go to the grocery store to get dog food, soup, and peanut butter. The soup could have been acquired a couple of days ago, but as I was hoping, it was on sale. After the grocery store, I went to the local hardware store to get some recycle bags. Almost all of my garbage is recyclable, so the larger bags most typically will associate with garbage bags is what I use. The dog food, and bags however cost almost $40 – all together. The food also cost about $20, but thankfully, this was paid for with the food benefits I have.

After the stores, I made it to the dental appointment 15 minutes early. I spent about 90 minutes with several tooth extractions – two of them being extremely stubborn. When I got home, I let the dogs out, fed them, ate soup, and eventually walked them later in the evening. I didn’t do any work on any web sites, but since I had to leave at 8:50AM, and got home about 4 hours later, and with a lot of pain, and sick feeling – it will seem apparent of why.

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Today was a busy day. I took the two for a walk. After that, I got ready to go to the pharmacy where I dropped off a prescription, got two rawhides, and something small to drink while I will wait for the return bus. This allowed me to get cash back which I planed to give the money to Malak’s previous owner for taking everyone to the vet’s.

Later in the morning I received a package for replacement chew sticks which is good as I was low on them. I didn’t expect to receive them until at least Monday. I wasn’t complaining though. Nicole came about 2:45 and got us there in time, although we had to wait for a while. She decided to visit the animals that were there (Western Pennsylvanian Humane Society). In the meantime, Malak weighed in at 76lb, while Talisa is 82.

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