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Today was much like most days. I did send a SMS to someone that needed to know something, even though he responded with his passive aggressive stupidity. In the case of this person, it is a relationship on a as needed basis. Andrea also made another partial payment, although not as much as she said she will. I also communicated with some people through a variety of services, and took care of email.

Otherwise, I watched a couple of videos on Hulu, and started feeling a little ill towards the end of the day. However, not much planned for tomorrow. I may go to the grocery store (depending), and if possible – take the dogs for a long walk.


Today was a basic day. The dogs got their exercise, and Talisa is fine. Chris stayed until about 2:15PM before having to catch a bus. He was hoping for a ride, but there was none. I am sure he is fine though. This is the first time he had to take a bus since I lived here, so that is not much of an issue.

I also sent a couple of messages back and forth with Facebook. Not the preferred method, but it works I suppose. As for plans for tomorrow, nothing planned. I will be home, especially on a Sunday, and with 32¢ to my name.


Not much has happened today. I had to make a couple of phone calls, wrote a couple of emails, and sent a couple of messages. However, today has been much a very quiet day. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and received notice that Netflix received their disc which means they would be sending another that I should hopefully receive tomorrow. Otherwise, not much went on today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to have to go to Downtown due to a mis-mailing which should hopefully have been addressed. I will also expect a movie, and will need to update my home player. Otherwise, while somewhat busy in the afternoon, no real major plans.


A lot has happened today. I first took a bus to Downtown where I went to the post office. I then walked to the grocery store, did some shopping, and dealt with a cashier that didn’t act too bright. She counted out 20 packages when I told her how many there was. This amongst other things has caused me to miss the bus, and wait an hour. I then returned home, put the groceries away, and worked on a auto-responder which doesn’t seem to work properly, so I had to send a message to support. I wrote out a couple of messages, and will probably write a couple of emails tomorrow. Otherwise, things are pretty quiet.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls. After that, I will write a few emails, and catch up on some podcasts that came in tonight. Afterwards, I will be hopefully finding something worthwhile to add to my blog. I am hoping to stay home tomorrow though. No major plans though.

Oh My, It’s So BIG!

OK, first get your mind out of the gutter. And if you are thinking of what I think you are thinking, it’s not that big. What I am referring to however is my email box. At first, I set aside 10GB for my email account. However while doing some research for someone finding out how big their free Hotmail account is, I come to learn it is 5GB, and if they would have had a premium service, it would have been 10GB.

Well, I could not be outdone by Microsoft. Yes, I know MSN mail doesn’t allow email clients, and I know it is all web based, and would never meet my needs, but seriously – free is half as big as my main email account?

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