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A bit happened today. I started with part of the day sending someone an SMS to wish them well on their birthday. I also called T-Mobile to inquire about support for the 1900Mhz 3G band for Pittsburgh, and T-Mobile does offer 1900Mhz for 3G. In addition, the representative was kind enough to send me a free Micro-SIM card. If I was to get the card in the store, they would have charged me $10. Next, I went to the grocery store to get some food for myself, and for the dogs. After that, it was a trip to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. After my prescription was filled, I purchased a couple of other things that was only available at the pharmacy.

Once I returned home, I fed the dogs, and placed an order for my niece Alexis which if everything works as the representative claims, it would be something that will benefit her. In addition, Alexis tends to appreciate the things I do for her when I can, so it will be just an issue of financial cost. Later on, I received a notice from HUD for an inspection which is not an issue neither. However, the vast majority of my day remaining was in a bit of pain.

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First Impressions–LG F6

(Update: Phone was returned due to unsatisfactory resolutions)

The LG F6 is a candy bar smart phone running Android 4.1.2 (current version is 4.3) which is available from T-Mobile for $290 or $50 down payment + $10 per month. The reason for this phone is to replace the back up phone which is now being provided for my brother’s girlfriend

This phone has a 4.5” LCD display with a physical home button, a capacitive back button, and a capacitive settings button. The phone has a 5MP rear camera, and a VGA front camera. There is a volume rocker, power button, and a dedicated Quick Memo button which will use the screen shot and allow for you to draw or write on the screen for saving.

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My Thoughts–HTC One S

So, after disappointed with the lack luster hopes of T-Mobile’s flagship phone of yesteryear getting Android 4.0 – I am considering the thought of upgrading the phone when this one is paid off. So far, there is no device on T-Mobile that has Android 4.0 so it would not make sense to buy a phone based on a promise for upgrade.

Now, some may wonder why would I want Android 4.0. There are a number of reasons when compared to 2.3.4. The first is a better integration with groups with regards to Contacts. If this integrates with Google Contacts, this will make life easier. Face unlock will also be useful at least in comparison to 2.3.4. When I use any of the unlock codes, there is a button very close to the UI where I actually accidently called emergency services a couple of times. Other features will include a better IM client, video chatting, and SIP dialing ability with the phone integrated. There is also a more optimized system which should be less demanding on the hardware.

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