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Today was a problematic day. First, late last night, my router failed, and after trying to get a hold of Verizon, they finally reached me and will be sending a new one. However, it took about 14 – 15 hours for this to be resolved to such a manner. In the mean time, I have use my T-Mobile phone (which does not make a good 3G router), and my Freedom POP router which hasn’t been working as good as I will like it to so I can complete the basics.

On some better news, the head collar for Malak came through. As with Talisa, he doesn’t like it, but he has been much easier to control with the presence with other dogs. I am hoping that the dramatic improvement will mean he will ignore dogs he doesn’t like rather than trying to go after them.

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Not much happened today. I made a partial payment for a bill. I also made a call to someone to remind him of something. I had to reset my router again as well contact Verizon to get a replacement modem+router. I had a lot of birthday notices which was nice of the people that offered it. I tried to call Chris which wasn’t successful, so I will try again tomorrow.

I also came across some terrible news. Port Authority of Allegheny County is planning on eliminating or reducing routes throughout as well as increase rates. This is almost expected, however the problem is that they are planning on completely eliminating the Route 4 which is the only bus that runs through Troy Hill. If this takes effect, I will have to walk about a mile before I can take a bus to Downtown. Going somewhere will mean I will have to walk downhill, while returning home will mean I will have to walk uphill.

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Android as a Modem

So, you have a notebook, or maybe even a desktop PC. You have a home internet connection, but will need something for an occasional email checking, or light browsing while out with your notebook. Well, provided your carrier doesn’t notice (don’t go crazy), and you are willing to deal with any data caps, you would be able to use your Android phone as a modem. First, you might be asking yourself what is a modem? A modem is a telecommunication device that connects a computer to the internet, or a telephone network. In the case with the Android phone, it will not dial a particular number to connect, nor do you need an ISP account so to say. Instead, the data connection that you have with your plan will work. This however means that if you are on a limited data plan where you are charged, or throttle if you surpass that cap, you would have to keep that in mind.

Especially in the US, there are carriers that offer data tethering plans which they will charge an extra $20 for the privilege. If your carrier does this, you would most likely be violating your TOS with the carrier. This will also explain why you may want to use this only if you need it, and not as a primary means. If you are connecting your notebook to the internet just to check your email from the notebook, they may not complain. However, if you are doing mass downloads of 2GB videos, you are probably going to raise issues with your carrier. So, now that you know the risks of tethering, here is how you do it.

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