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Not much happened today. It was severely cold, so the dogs only had one walk today. In addition, I tried to do work on the PC that was handed to me to service. The system is however unredeemable in my opinion. The owner told me to stop work on it, and I will be taking it back to him. I also watched a show on Netflix (when my Internet was tolerable), and did some work that is outsourced to me.

Today wasn’t all good. I somehow noticed I lost some money which will hurt me next month. I also have been in a bit of pain today. The monitor that Chris gave me was a lemon. I did manage to write a blog posting, so that is good.

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Ultimate Birthday Present – 2012

While I am not a big holiday person (including my own personal one), I figured I will write this post nonetheless. Now, as for the ultimate birthday present, my choice might be a surprise to those that will know me. While the surface of the gift is no surprise, the actual details  will be a bit of a surprise. My ultimate birthday present will be a complete notebook/desktop replacement. Now, in my opinion, a desktop replacement is more than just the PC, but also a full size keyboard, monitor, and storage.

Now, this system will come in a number of parts. This is again because a true desktop replacement needs to be more than just a PC. Also, this system will be very expensive. It’s not any run of the mill $500 PCs I am used to having, so this will be a sticker shock when one reads the price at the end. However, this is why it is called an ultimate birthday present.

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June 24

Today has ended up being a very horrible day. I am not sure if the problem has been the monitor, or the computer’s VGA port. I am now starting to think it is a VGA port problem. The VGA port is the place where one would insert a monitor into the PC.

I had managed to get this PC running somewhat with some problems, and it has just been getting worse. Since my taskbar (like most people’s) was at the bottom of the screen, it would have been nearly impossible to get to the tasks at hand. I was able to get the monitor to work just long enough to move it while the monitor was flickering uncontrollably.

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Just when it’s acceptable only

So, here I am typing on a unbearable 14” CRT monitor, and of course my computer is a piece of junk that needs to be replaced, and it comes also that I need to replace my MP3 player. So, what am I forced to do? Well, first I have to hope that I would get my rent rebate. I am expecting to, and it has been reliable before, but there’s always that chance that it won’t come.

Even with the rent rebate, it is only $400. Needless to say, since I have to replace my PC, and a basic one is about $500 for a notebook, I would have to get a desktop. The cheapest one I seen was an eMachines at Walmart for $270. I am not a fan of eMachines, and can only hope that they have been stepping up to better quality. However, with that said, I would be looking at an AMD dual core 1.8Ghz CPU, 2GB of memory, and a 320GB hard drive. At least I would be able to move my music from an external hard drive to the internal one.

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Upgraded to Unbearable

My 17” finally became intolerable, and wasn’t able to function. It blacked out every few moments for a minute or two. There were times, it was blacked out more than it was functioning. So, I went to the back up monitor which is a really old and crappy 14” CRT, and gives about 12” visible. To top it off, the best resolution makes the text a little hard to read, but downgrading to the next lower resolution would only make everything except reading poor.

So, what must I do? I would have to buy a new monitor. A 15.6” LCD new with Walmart is $100 with taxes, and shipping to the store. I will be checking Amazon, and a pawn shop Chris recommended, but I am expecting at $100 which would only hurt my other costs. However, I am nonetheless stuck with this unbearable monitor until I can get something better.

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June 20

Not much happened today. Most of the day was spent cursing at the monitor that is blanking out for sometimes a couple of minutes and in intervals between 5 – 20 minutes. With a little research, I am hoping it is the VGA cable (from PC to Monitor) which is about $15 – $20 (I hope) rather than the cost of a new monitor which the cheapest is about $100.

I decided to eat my meal a little early. It was OK as I usually just eat once a day, and normally not an issue of when. A few hours afterwards, my brother stopped down for a couple of hours. Afterwards, I watched a PBS show on Netflix.

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