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Today was a mostly positive day. I gave the dogs a short walk at 4:30AM which may seem outrageous, but it was the only time during the day that it was above freezing. However, the wind did hit hard, and I am assuming if it stun me, it would sting my two short hairs. The walk was less than 30 minutes. UPS came a little later than they normally did, but in turn – I got a few things that were ordered. Most of these things were for the dogs such as a new Kong Toy, two dog packs which they will carry the weights with, and dog shampoo. I also got a USB hub, but while reading the exterior, it mentioned it wasn’t meant for tablets – so it will be returned without me even opening it.

Another item I received was the Nexus 7 – LTE Edition. While I will be paying more in the long run with T-Mobile, it is broken into 24 payments of $15 each. This is acceptable especially since the tablet has the base 200MB of LTE connectivity with throttling afterwards and a $10 credit to offset the $10 monthly fee. Those whom might have read my First Impression blog post will assume I will be keeping this tablet. In a matter of fact, I ordered a case that has a Bluetooth Keyboard integrated which will allow the Nexus 7 to function a little as a productivity tool. The hub I am returning will offset some of the cost of the case.

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Today was a calm day, although it was a bit hot. I took the dogs for a walk in the morning rather than waiting for the afternoon. I also composed a couple of emails which none replied. I did a little work on the document, but not as much as I wanted too.

I set up a password on my phone, but forgot it, so I ended up resetting the phone. This was a bit inconvenient to say the least. In addition, I installed an app called WhatsApp which was a pain to set up with Google Voice, but I am sure it will work nonetheless.

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Not much happened today. I was expecting my medicine to be delivered today as I will need the new refill on Sunday. However, it never came. I did call them, but had to leave a message. I personally hate going through this manner.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. I walked the dogs in the morning, and did some work on the site. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to run an errand, but otherwise – not much planned, and will hopefully get my refill today.


Not much happened today, although the morning was a bit to do. After I exercised and fed the dogs, they had to go to the kennel cages as I needed to go to the shoes repaired. Thankfully, a friend was able to drive me there. This shaved a minimum of a couple of hours off of my time that I would have been out which was really good since it took about an hour to repair the shoes.

Once I got home, I let them out in the back yard, and then they had the opportunity to play some as well. I watched a couple of shows, and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

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