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Not much happened today. I had to have an inspection audit regarding my Section-8. As before, the inspector came, and  there was no issue. I also had an email from a friend in Delaware which was good even though I rarely hear from her. In addition, my neighbor upstairs moved out. This will mean I am the only tenant in my building as of now.

I also did a little work on my web site which needed some adjustments. I am hoping to get it out of BETA soon. Otherwise, not much happened. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I will have to go to the post office, and then to Andrea’s to pick up something. I will hopefully just spend a portion of my late afternoon. I will be leaving about 2PM.


Today was a busy day for the most part, but also spent some time trying to recover the past couple of days. I managed to chat with a friend from the Philippines, however it would seem as if many of the other online friends I have had been busy which is fine. I spent the morning chatting, and spent the remainder of it setting up my corner desk. The corner desk is the center for my notebook, especially during the day since the front room has a large window, and therefore a lot of light. The corner desk now has a postal scale, the older iPod dock with the degrading iPod Nano, my label printer, and space for the notebook.

And of course from the previous two nights, it would seem as if the center room is not really big enough to be a bedroom, and offer enough room for the possibility of a wheelchair. So, my plans will have to change, and I will be focusing on the attempt to get a sleeper sofa. For those that don’t know, this will function as a couch during the day, and fold out into a bed at night. This will be a bit harder when I have to go into surgery, but it would be the best solution. The center room which would have been the bedroom will function as a home office. This will eventually mean the printer will come into this room as well as a longer desk, and the corner desk. If I should get a landline Internet service, this will be installed in the center room as well.

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Life in the New Apartment

A couple of days ago, I moved into a new apartment. This apartment is a bit of a change from the previous apartment. The unit itself is actually an old house converted into two units. I of course with the strong consideration I will be in a wheelchair would be on the first floor. The neighborhood – while good wouldn’t have been my first choice. I have usually lived in the central – East side of the city, and now live on the Northern side where there are fewer buses. As for why I had to move, it was because the company that owned the building wouldn’t have been accepting Section-8, and I wouldn’t have made another lease year before they would have stopped accepting.

Finding the place was a tedious trial to say the least. It took 6 months to find this one, and most other places either wouldn’t have accepted Section-8, on a higher floor, or on a property with too many steps. A few other places were in neighborhoods with a higher crime rate or no realistic access to buses. So out of 6 months of looking, this was really the only available place. And while I am sure I could have continued to look, it was more of an exhausting process as all of the realistic conventions of hunting within my limits was thin. So, while this place isn’t my first real choice, it is acceptable.

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Today was pretty uneventful. I had to work on arranging the apartment as well as unpack. The front room is still a mess, and the center room is starting to feel too small to really use as an effective bedroom, but at least it is there. I am just going to have to move the bed around where it would actually be usable without it blocking the hall to the kitchen. One thing I am definitely not happy with is the fact that music in the front room can’t be heard well in the kitchen unless I dramatically increase the volume which I will tend to respect my neighbors.

And rather than unpacking the desktop, I put it away considering that I don’t have wifi attached to the desktop, and the router is in the kitchen (best reception for the Wimax modem). I also put the monitor, and the ancient TV away. I really need a new TV since the old one won’t even get a reception for the Over the Air television. Otherwise, not much else has happened this day. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and bought a lighter to light the stove.

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Today was a busy day. I didn’t get into the new apartment until about 12:30AM, and with the efforts of the day to accomplish, this only made things more complicated. I plugged in what I needed to, took a bath, and went to bed. Even despite the alarm going off at 6:00AM (which it should), I turned it off, and went to bed until 8AM. Part of the reason was due to earlier where I had to deal with moving in on the last minutes. Once I woke up, I looked through what I can to try to find the bills that needed to be addressed in person which I couldn’t find. I cut my losses after 10AM, and prepared to go to the post office and get my mail as well as a money order (rent).

After that, I went to the bus stop and waited about 30 minutes. During the day time, the Route 4 only runs once an hour which of course is going to be an issue in the future I am sure. Once I got on the bus, I did a look up of the local pharmacy which I wanted to make sure that they will use my insurance, and can fill the one prescription that most pharmacies will not wish to fill. The pharmacy will fill the prescription, but it would seem as if I am the only that would need that prescription, so I will have to give a couple of weeks notice. I guess this will be better than having to catch an extra bus.

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On the 27th, I spent much of the day waiting on my brother, and of course with him seeming to like to wait until the last moment, he didn’t come to help with the move. This of course meant I was stuck trying to get other things arranged with the apartment, and prepared for the appointment I would have with the dentist on the next day. I also watched a few videos on Hulu, and a movie on Netflix.

On the 28th, I had to go to the dentist appointment, and of course again more delays on the move. At least with going to the dentist appointment, I managed to get some cleaning cloths, dish liquid, and adapters as for some reason, there are no 3 prong outlets. The landlord said this was HUD’s requirement, so I am going to have figure out why. Nonetheless, I got a couple of adapters, but that won’t be enough. On my way back home, I gave Chris a call in regards to hopefully move. Of course, things ended to be the next day.

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Today was much like any other day, although I was expecting to move some things today. That however didn’t happen as expected. Tomorrow, there would have to be some moving, or I may not get everything out in time. I also had some bad relations with a credit card company which I will be mailing a complaint letter with the California General Attorney’s office when I get myself moved into the new apartment. Otherwise, not much else has been going on. I will be hopefully spending some of my weekend moving, but no other plans for the weekend.


Not much went on today. I spent more time than expected at Andie’s and Chris’ place. However, I didn’t get everything I needed done. Nonetheless, I managed to take care of a few things that was needed to be done. Andie needed a new mouse for their computer, and I had one that they could have. I wanted to try to make sure Microsoft Security Essentials was installed, and it would seem as if someone was messing with the router as the cable modem was plugged into a LAN port rather than a WAN port.

While I was there, I watched (not intently) the movie Let Me In which I wanted to see, but the place is a little chaotic to be able to watch anything there really. Chris also got his car back from Pep Boys, but they seem to have put the wrong sized tire on one of the wheels. He would have to go back tomorrow to have them do their job properly. He should also be able to help move my furniture, and other items to the new apartment. Without a U-Haul truck, it would probably take about a day to do, and a number of trips.

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Today was not as busy, but hectic. I spent the night at my brother’s, and therefore spent time with my niece and nephews. I hadn’t done much otherwise except eventually went back home about 5PM where I packed up what additional boxes I could and would have to decide what to keep and what to dispose of. Since I hadn’t heard from this landlord, I am assuming I won’t have a place come Tuesday. I will nonetheless make due with or without.

As for plans for tomorrow, I am going to have to cash in the money order that was intended for the rent. That would have to be used for the storage room and refunded on Tuesday. I will also be going to Section-8, and try to get this problem resolved and hopefully an appointment for moving papers (again). I will also make another phone call, and try to address a couple of other issues.


Today was a bit of a busy day. Chris came by to help me pack up what can be packed up 16 boxes of varying sizes in trying to get everything ready to be moved. The one landlord I wasted a month trying to get the place he said he was interested never called, and I am feeling as if I won’t have an apartment to move into. If this becomes the case, I will loose most of my furniture, and will have to pay about $65 for the smallest storage room. After a while of him helping me, we had dinner and he decided to take a nap which he deserves.

Otherwise, not much had went on. My desktop PC is packed, and I will have to rely completely on my notebook. I will eventually have to prepare to pack everything else up. As for plans for tomorrow, that will be much of my focus. As for Monday, I will have to make a number of phone calls to try to delay the inevitable. On Monday, I will have to move what I can to a storage room. On a good note, I suppose I can say I have my health.