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Today was a slightly busy day. I managed to get an application called iSyncr, and had wifi support. This app on the phone and PC will synchronize iTunes playlists into a compliant playlists with Android. This is something I definitely couldn’t accomplish on my old phone. The phone seems to last less than a day, and can’t seem to log in with Pandora on my phone, but that is something I will have to work out. I also finished on watching podcasts, and got a PC while I watched a couple of shows on Hulu.

All in all, I am happy with the phone, but disappointed that I do not seem to qualify for the rebate which is $50 off of the $500 price tag on the phone. The reason seems to be that I didn’t pay $250, and get a 2 year contract. I will be calling T-Mobile tomorrow. In addition, I will be addressing a bill, and getting a micro SD card for my brother. I will also have to go grocery shopping which means that my day will be a bit busy tomorrow. All in all, I will be striving to take care as much as I can.


Today was much like any other day. I had made a couple of phone calls, and one of them was rather unsuccessful, so I will have to do what I feel is necessary. Chris called and stopped by for a couple of hours. I also had to make some changes with my MP3 player. I used to have two, but one became completely bad which forces me to rely on the better one exclusively.With that in mind, I had to set up playlists that was better for the multiple purposes it would serve.

I also learned that Google Voice offers incoming SIP dialing. Now, if they would only offer outgoing with the eventual killing of their Gizmo service. A Google Voice SIP address is international-number@sip.voice.google.com which in my case will mean +14122532956@sip.voice.google.com therefore allowing anyone using SIP to call that URI, and actually ring my cellular phone. Now if such could only be effectively done for making SIP calls.

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December 2

Today was a bit much of a busy day. I had to go see Andie for some money she owed me. I also had a dental appointment which took about an hour. And for some reason, my ankles had been dramatically painful.

One of the things I needed to do was refresh my MP3 player which I done in the morning. I probably should have got groceries, but I needed to wait until later. I did get home, and did some chatting through my Google Voice line which allows me to send SMS via my PC.

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August 7

Today was a bit of a hectic day. I was asked again to open a Pandora’s box, and decide to do so. However, in the end – I believe that this will not turn out good. I also was online and chatted with a couple of friends, and composed a couple of email. However otherwise – it was pretty much the norm.

I also got a call from Fingerhut. I asked if there was a problem, and they said no, but they have an offer that they will like to give me. I asked not what the offer is, but how much. They replied $1.20 per $100. I told her to stop there, and I know what the offer is because every credit card I had offered something similar. And I told her what the offer was, and that I don’t qualify, and if I did, I won’t be interested. She said thank you, and I said good bye, and hung up. This is the reason why unknown callers never ring my cell phone. Why would I want people wasting my time.

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June 28

Today was an OK day. I was able to chat with a friend that couldn’t get online much in the past 6 weeks. I also received a Netflix DVD, but it was unplayable. I was trying to report it, but due to the bottom third of my screen non-functional, it wasn’t possible.

I also managed the get the new MP3 player, and it could be considered as a PDA. It is an iPod Touch 32GB. While I am far from a fan of iPod, I have little choice in the matter. First, I could only get an in-house credit with Fingerhut, and their choices are bad, and appalling. I was of course stuck with bad. Even if I had choices, I would have rather have an Android based device, but it seems like only smart phones have built in access with the Android Market. And while that is not really an issue (since you could install apps from outside sources), some would only distribute through Android. So, I guess I will be forced with iTunes for a few more years.

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Just when it’s acceptable only

So, here I am typing on a unbearable 14” CRT monitor, and of course my computer is a piece of junk that needs to be replaced, and it comes also that I need to replace my MP3 player. So, what am I forced to do? Well, first I have to hope that I would get my rent rebate. I am expecting to, and it has been reliable before, but there’s always that chance that it won’t come.

Even with the rent rebate, it is only $400. Needless to say, since I have to replace my PC, and a basic one is about $500 for a notebook, I would have to get a desktop. The cheapest one I seen was an eMachines at Walmart for $270. I am not a fan of eMachines, and can only hope that they have been stepping up to better quality. However, with that said, I would be looking at an AMD dual core 1.8Ghz CPU, 2GB of memory, and a 320GB hard drive. At least I would be able to move my music from an external hard drive to the internal one.

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Another MP3 Player Hope Shot Down

I have been looking for a good replacement to the unworthy (in my opinion) iPod Nano 8GB (without the camera). It at best only gives me a couple of days worth of music. Archos finally unveiled their 7” Android device, and as with the original firmware of the 5” Android, it was slaughtered. However, Archos has managed to screw this up even more so.

First, it does have some good things. According to initial reviews, it is a bit more stable than what the Archos 5 with Android was. It is a bigger screen which is a desire for multi-media. It supports up to 32GB expandable storage to compliment the 8GB. It has a kickstand which every touch screen media phone, and Android device should have. However, that is where the good ends.

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