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Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon recently held a press event with their new fire line of devices. Like the Fire TV, the Fire Phone is a heavily customized – unsupported fork of Android. When I mentioned unsupported – Google Apps are not installed on the device, and this is how Amazon wants it. In turn, they are offering their own app store. This is a relatively high end phone, and with it comes a high end phone price, and limited to one carrier (at least in the US). The phone has a 2.2Ghz Quad Core Arm based CPU with Adreno 330 graphics. The phone has 9 band LTE (there are more than 2 dozen), and support all GSM-2G/3G bands. There is also NFC, Bluetooth, and Wifi-AC support. The phone has a 4.7” display, 13MP rear camera, 2.1MP front camera, Dynamic Perspective System, and runs Fire OS 3.5 which is a fork of the Android OS that is catered to Amazon and its services. All of this will cost $650 for the 32GB or $750 for the 64GB model. 1 year of Amazon Prime is included for a limited time, and the phone will only be supported for AT&T. AT&T will have a contract price of $200 with a 2 year contract.

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 5.0/6.0

On 2014-06-18, T-Mobile launched their new initiatives to “shake” the wireless industry. These new initiatives are called Uncarrier 5.0 and Uncarrier 6.0. For those that don’t know the Uncarrier benefits – here is a breakdown.

  1. No Annual Contracts (current contract customers are SOL)
  2. Jump Insurance Policy
  3. International Services / 200MB free Tablet Data
  4. ETF payoffs

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Didn’t see that coming (Danger Data Loss)?

Original Articles ( http://fsp.tw/57 and http://fsp.tw/58 )

For more than a week, Hip-Top, and Sidekick devices had been all screwed up. They are in constant need to communicate with a Danger server for everything from contacts, messages, and anything other than the most basic turn the device on. To me, this sounds like an experiment on the use of Cloud Computing where all of your content and data relies on the web. Applications also relies on connection with this server. Really, no one seen the problem here.

A week since the problem existed, and Microsoft (owners of the Danger Platform) is unsure if retrieval of the data is possible, and encourages all device owners to keep their device on at all costs to preserve what data is on the phone. This means, that if for any reason they turn the phone off, it would be reset back to the factory default standards. First, through out this whole blog, I do not blame T-Mobile. Their only wrong doing was being suckered into marketing this toy as a real phone.

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