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My Plans for an Upgrade.

I had been using a My Touch (rev 1) since November 2009, and while it has served, I feel that I should have better. And while all of the really nice phones are on Not T-Mobile, I am looking into staying with T-Mobile. Now one of the problems with the My Touch is that is too slow. So, I would definitely want something that is faster. Also, the screen is way too small. So, after some looking and researching, there will only be two devices I will be interested in. I will only choose the the My Touch 4th Generation if the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (not really LTE, nor Wimax) is not worth the price that is unknown as of writing this posting. The My Touch 4G is $450 without a contract. As for the Galaxy, it is expected to be $250 + 2 years – $50 rebate. At such price point, I will expect it to be $500 without contract. Even with this in mind, I will want to try to get the price reduced especially since I have been a loyal customer.

The Galaxy has some things I truly would consider wanting in my next phone with a couple of exceptions. It has a 1Ghz CPU which in my opinion should go without saying. It has a 4” AmoLED screen which is supposed to have better contrast for outdoor viewing. It does have Android 2.2 which is on my current phone after several months of delay. I would however expect for it to receive 2.3 soon. It has a front side camera which while I will probably not use it so often, it would make a good option for making self portraits. It also supports wifi calling, but with the crappy ISP, and reasonably good cellular – there is no real advantage to wifi calling. I would have rather black as opposed to charcoal gray, but I am sure I could get a skin that is black if need be. It claims 6.5 hours talk, but I don’t believe it, and I would be looking to getting a spare battery and charger.

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August 16

Today could have been better as I spent most of the day waiting for phone #5. Hopefully, this one will actually do what it is supposed to. So far, the phone’s wifi works properly, the security lock pattern isn’t as stupid as an illiterate idiot, and the performance is acceptable. However, I had to wait until almost 6PM for the phone to come, and spent a part of the evening getting the software back on. Once the phone was sufficient, I did a master reset on the old phone for it to go back to T-Mobile.

Not much else happened that day. I chatted with a couple of people, helped another one figure out an MP3 player via messages, and things for the most part was normal. I made dinner which involved Salsbury Steak which isn’t impressive considering it’s a TV dinner. Otherwise, things are pretty normal.

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My Phone – MyLuck

In November, I bought a MyTouch 3G with the first revision which doesn’t include the 3.5mm headphone jack. So when the second revision came out with the jack, I was disappointed. However, with some effort, I had managed to make due with the flaw. Now, that the MyTouch Slide is coming out, it is like a stab in the side.

While the Slide only has a 600Mhz CPU and therefore, not really worth the cost of buying a brand new phone (especially since I’m making payments on this one), it does have a few things I would really love which includes: Continue reading My Phone – MyLuck

A Perspective of the MyTouch

It’s been 5 months since I had purchased the T-Mobile MyTouch (HTC Magic) to upgrade my RIM 8320. And I figured 5 months is more than enough time to give my perspective on the phone. First, this is a low end phone compared to what’s coming out. While the Nexus One has had more than its share of problems, it puts light that 528Mhz found on the MyTouch is actually on the low side.

So, with that in consideration, I do write this review with little regret. No matter what you would buy, or when you buy it, there would always be something better in 6 months. So, I would want to focus on two things. One would be the phone which is my first touch screen phone, and another is the OS which is one of the newest players in the game.

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You Just Turn Me On Every Night!

After almost a week of waiting the charging cradle I ordered has arrive. What does this mean? Well, for the immediate change of pace, very little. However, instead of me plugging my phone into the wall directly with a USB cable that connects to an AC adapter, it would be inserting it into the dock which would stand the phone up right in portrait mode and at a slight back angle.

And in the near future, I am hoping to get a battery for the phone which would plug into the back of the charger – effectively charging the battery in the phone, and a spare at the same time. This would allow me to get through the day as anyone with a high demanding smart phone knows – you can’t get through the day on a full charge. Another reason why not to get iPhone as you can’t switch the battery out.

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Touching myTouch

It has been almost two weeks since I got the T-Mobile myTouch. Being on the T-Mobile USA Plus line of plans, I have to pay full price for the phone, however, I am fortunate enough to have the cost spread over 20 months. The myTouch is also known as the HTC Magic to the rest of the world. This is also my second smart phone I have.

The myTouch color I chosen was black, and I bought a gel cover that is as well black. Basically, I chosen this to prevent nicks and scratches. The phone has a Home button, Menu button, and a Call button on the left side. It has a back button, search button, and end/power button on the right side. In the middle is a trackball that is select capable (simply push). The screen is a nice size, and a beautiful screen.

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First Impression – HTC Magic (aka myTouch)

I went to the T-Mobile store on Forbes Avenue in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh PA for the new (to me) phone. Keep in mind that the myTouch is almost a year old, and while I would have liked a 3G phone earlier, it wasn’t until September of 2009. This would have defeated the purpose of having a 3G phone, especially since none as of yet supports UMA.

First, the phone, and included accessories comes in a bulky case. This makes it look important, but in the end, I would only use it if I intend to carry it in my backpack, or pack it away for a while. It also comes with a user guide, promotional material and a possibility for a free shell. As for the more useful items, an headphone which the pad anchors are a b**ch to get on, and of course the micro USB – 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike the iPhone, or most other smart phones, there is no microphone on the headphones, but instead on the adapter. There is also a 4GB micro SD card which I would most likely give it when I sell the 8320.

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