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Look Back on 2011

So, the new year is here and upon us. At least for me, 2011 was pretty crappy with a few good things that has happened. In 2011, I had to move since the apartment I lived in for 10 years wouldn’t be accepting Section-8. And due to the limitations I had, finding a place was very hard to say the least. Miscommunications, and other events had jeopardized my living at first, but found an apartment. And when I said an apartment, I meant it. I literally found one choice in the nearly 6 months I hunted.

My mother got a hold of me, and pretty much wanted Chris’ phone number. After that, she had no interest in bothering with me as usual. The same seemed to apply with my half sisters, and after rumors spread amongst them, I completely severed ties with all of them. Simply put, I have no need to waste my time with such.

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