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New Domain: NeedsToBeBetter.US

Yes, some people may think I have too many domains, although I am looking into reducing the number I have. However, I thought this will be a good one to state my eccentric, but in my opinion sensible and valid points. The domain is NeedsToBeBetter.US. Why did I choose this domain. Well, there are many good qualities about the United States, however the country is obviously not perfect. It is flawed and in some cases antiquated on many levels. Corruption has infested government, and almost every politician “owes” favors to lobbyists, or “sponsors” rather than the people who elected them.

This domain will probably piss some people off, but I really don’t give a darn. I am not going to please everyone, and in a matter of fact, I will probably not please many people. However, that is part of the point of this website. Where some people just whine and complain about things, they rarely bring up suggestions to improve what they are whining about. The reason why is to think of rational, and effective solutions without sounding like a moronic idiot takes intelligence, and time.

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Life is the Pits

On my evening walk (2011-09-09) with Talisa, I came across an interesting event. A woman was looking for me. She knew I walked with my dog by her house every day and even twice, and, she really wanted to find me. She even noted that she was considering posting a notice at the local pharmacy where she first seen me in hopes that I will contact her. She wanted to make it her personal goal to find me, as there was something very important to her that she wished to ask me. She absolutely wanted to know the answer to this question. The question that she was hoping for a while that I will say yes to was:
”Would you be interested in a 6 month old male Pit Bull?”

Well, to her hopes, my answer was quite possibly. I told her that the main concern was to make sure that the new dog, and Talisa will be good together. I never would want to introduce conflict into a pack, and will also have to make sure he will have a good temperament. He is good with children, and other dogs. He is a puppy, so will be easy to integrate my expectations in him. He is also good on a leash from the words of the woman. She isn’t asking for any money, and just have to get him neutered and shots. Since Pitt Bulls have such a hostile reputation, there are local programs that will neuter and spay Pit Bulls for free, or low cost. All she wants him to have is a good home, and she seen how I am raising Talisa, and knows that I walk her twice a day. She feels that I will be able to provide a good home.

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