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Today was a roller coaster of a day. I made a couple of calls to try to get the money I will need for the security deposit. Thankfully, I finally got it, but will have to pay interest on it and a bit pricey one, but better than not having a place to live. I got the money in the evening, and that would mean that I will have to go to the post office tomorrow morning to get a money for the security deposit. I currently have 2 money orders, but will see if I can merge them into one.

On other news, I have also received the Wimax modem. I have the modem set up against the window so it could get the best connection, and I seem to be getting between 50% – 75% signal strength (based on 1 dot = 25%). The modem is nice looking, and seems to have an RJ-11 port for VOIP/SIP which surprises me that I am having crappy latency. Hopefully, I will solve that issue. Continue reading 2011-01-17

Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

After more than a year since Nauticom (aka Penn Telecom) became Consolidated Communications, and had to deal with service issues, billing issues, support issues – I will soon be dropping them in favor for another carrier. Now, you might be asking why drop them now when I won’t be in my current residence in two weeks?

Well, first – I had looked at a number of options. Seeing the service that Comcast provides to my brother’s family, and seeing the ridiculous system in where Comcast nickels and dimes you for their already outrageous prices (average of > $100/month), I had no intention on dealing with them, even if they were willing to forgive the $32 they say I owe them when I know I don’t. Then there is DSL, but it will seem as if everyone demands some contract. And Verizon FiOS is available with a 15/3MBPS connection. Yes, I know you in Europe is laughing your behinds off, but I am not willing to pay $60 (with contract), or $75 (without contract) for speeds that should be a minimum standard. Continue reading Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

It’s a Brand New Card

I have contact cards for people who will desire to have my contact information. In such case, my goal is to provide the minimal needed information, and rely on my contact directory for all of the additional details. So, I decided to make some changes, which will include removing some information, and focus on just what a person will need to know when they receive a card from me. Everything else then goes to the Contact Directory.

So, what is on my replacement cards that I will expect to print out later this evening? Well, needless to say, my name. I will also be including my PO Box as well in case mailing is required. In addition, will be my US telephone number. ( +14122532956 ). The front of the card will also have all three of my fsp web addresses (fsp.cc, fsp.im, and fsp.tel). A small facial picture of myself will be included. While this will cost in color ink, and I don’t think I look picture worthy, I decided to do this to allow a face to go with the name. Under my picture will include personal details to compliment the picture. This will include height, weight, and race. Also demographics such as birth date, employment, and residency is also noted.

Continue reading It’s a Brand New Card

July 19

Not much went on today. I had a lot of problems with my Internet connection. I also had a late coming of Netflix, but not too late where I didn’t return the disc in time. I also went to the library to pick up a couple of discs. For the most part, today was a very quiet day. It did rain, so hopefully – that would get the temperature a little more tolerable.

Yes, today was definitely a quiet day. Other than adding a video on my other blog, I didn’t do much. However, tomorrow would be a different story. Tomorrow, I will have to go to a doctor’s appointment. Nothing serious, just an annual physical. After that, I will have to go to go the post office box in Downtown. I have the memory for the PC there waiting, and hopefully it will help with my PC’s performance. I will also need to go to the grocery store, and return the two discs I borrowed. Since there is a library in the area where the box is, I will be able to return it there.

July 18

Today was a bit of a quiet day. I seem to be having problems with my internet connection as it is stuttering, and just plain lagging issues. I would be talking with them tomorrow about when I call them about some other issue.

Chris stopped by about noon for a few hours, and afterwards – he dropped me off at the main street so I could get a set of batteries. The batteries are being charged, and would serve for a portable speaker set I have. The speaker has a pouch for a phone, or MP3 player and will seem as if there is enough room for a pair of spare batteries.

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