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Not much happened today. I came across a message in Facebook that was a few months old. It was inconveniently stuck in the “Other” folder. This is one reason why I don’t like Facebook. I didn’t do much else beyond watching a couple of discs from Netflix, and returning them. One of them was scratched which is the second time I received a scratched disc this month. This is making me seriously doubt the value of Netflix. Nonetheless, I returned their disc, and will make a final decision with them by the end of the billing on the 17th.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I opened a bag of dog food which means I will need to get another bag. I will want to wait until I have to address other issues which will should be fine since a bag will last about 3 weeks.


Not much happened today. I returned the discs from Netflix. I also received the TruPhone SIM card which is being installed in the G2x as an emergency phone. 99% of the calls it will make will be through GrooVe IP which will carry the calls via SIP. However, if an instance where someone used my SIP phone to call me, the TruPhone SIM will take the call. This however is at a cost of 15¢ per minute.

I also walked the dogs and caught up on some Hulu videos. As for plans for tomorrow not much planned. I will likely walk the dogs, and address a couple of other things.The weekend will be rather ordinary though.


Not much happened today. I wrote a blog posting about my first impressions with the Nexus 4. It is a good phone, and I like it. However, any new phone will be much better than the G2x. The reason why I focused on the Nexus is the reliable update path which will be something to look forward too.

I watched a couple of videos, and a movie from Netflix. It seemed as if the postal carrier wasn’t coming, so I sent the DVDs back by dropping off at the mail box before 11:30AM. The mailbox says it is collected at 1:15, so it should have gone out today.

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Not much happened today. The dogs didn’t get to go out for a walk as it was too cold, and supposed to be that way again tomorrow. I gave them a hotdog within their meal which they appreciated. I watched a couple of movies from Netflix, and returned one of the discs. The second one will be returned on Monday.

As for plans for tomorrow, no real plans, especially with it being a Sunday. I will likely remain home for the most part. I will probably try to get some work on my web site worked on which will take some of my time. I will also need to let the dogs out and play in the backyard where they can get some workout while being able to come in when it gets too cold.


Not much happened today. I took the dogs out for a walk, but before that, I watched a couple of discs from Netflix, and returned them. In order to have done that, I had to go to East Ohio Street, which was fine since I also had to make a deposit to address my credit card bill, and eventually go to the grocery store.

As for the deposit, the money will go out the next day electronically. There is a general store on East Ohio Street which will accept drop off of letters with the post office. I am guessing it is probably picked up at 3:30 or 4PM. The trip to the grocery store included getting some food to hold over until Tuesday, and get a 38lb of dog food. I figured if I had to make a trip, might as well eliminate the need for a second trip. When I returned, I took the dogs for a walk, and fed them.

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Not much happened today. I bought Super Glue which didn’t really work. I will look into other options when I can afford too. I also did some work on my web sites which I have been working a bit on. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and watched a DVD on Netflix which I dropped in the mailbox. I took the dogs for a walk, but with it raining, it wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to make a phone call, and pick up a battery. Otherwise, things will be quiet for the last day of the month.


A good deal happened today. First, it seemed to have regularly rained in the morning which forced me to wait until later when it finally ends. However, I did walk the dogs taking the Cedar route. This leaves to get on Lowrie to Troy Hill Road to East Ohio Street, and finally to Cedar where I will go as far down as Giant Eagle and then in reverse. This process takes about 90 minutes, and part of the way – along a steep hill which I would have rather not have to deal with, but it is there nonetheless.

I then spent much of the day watching Hulu videos, a movie from Netflix which was returned, and worked on a web site to provide some insight to my insanity. It also seemed as if I had to make a few adjustments, but it is OK, as I believe I have resolved the problems. I will hopefully soon have the site noted for public viewing. Most of the content will however be on various sub domains – although there will be a blog on the main domain which I will eventually write on that too.

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, and watched a couple of shows. Otherwise, not much was done today. I did have to drop off a disc which should be received by Netflix the next day. Otherwise, things have been rather quiet. I was supposed to watch Xavier today, but with it raining, Chris was off today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a doctor’s appointment to go to. I am also hoping that I will receive a call, and will also try to reach both Andie and Chris.


Today could have been a more productive day. Andie wanted me to watch Xavier, but at the last moment, cancelled. I did managed to drop of some mail including Netflix. I also got a voice mail from Hello Bully which made an appointment for Malak so he can get neutered. I will have to pay the extra $10 for the microchip, but it is a much easier pill to swallow than the $126 bill with Talisa. However, I will have to wait until late November for him.

Otherwise, I made a small deposit of money from what Andie gave me, and had to use a little of it to pay back the neighbor for the medicine he provided for Talisa. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be going to Andie’s again, and otherwise – not much else planned. I will have to catch up on some podcasts and Hulu shows, but otherwise – pretty dull day for tomorrow.


Today was a busy day, although didn’t finish everything I needed to do. I will have to go to the post office tomorrow. However, I made it to my appointment with the Colaizzi Pedorthic. They had a mold of my right foot, and make a new mold of the left foot. These molds will be used to make custom shoes which will take 4 – 6 weeks. Chris picked me up in the North Side and stayed for a couple of hours. After which, I watched a DVD so it can be dropped off at a mailbox. I took Talisa out for a walk, and a couple of teenagers were startled as they didn’t pay attention, and my walking with a crutch and her at my side startled them a little. One even commented with “Damn, that is a big dog”. I’m thinking in my head, wait until she is full grown.

However, on some good news, on my way back, a woman who knew I was looking for second dog asked me if I will be interested in a 6 month old male Pit Bull. Needless to say, I will need to do some house training, and get him to behave the way I will want to – but if all works out, I will of course be interested. The woman will be getting him shots, and neutered. I am guessing I will have to get the micro-chip, but considering she just wants him to go a good home, she’s not asking for any money. She said that is good on walking, and friendly with other dogs. This is a good start.

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