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New Domains–New Sites to follow

Recently, new domains have become available. These are offered through the release of new extensions. Every domain is divided into at least 3 parts. There is the sub-domain, the domain name, and the extension. In some cases such as UK domains, there are a sub extension. To give an example, frank.pilone.name is as follows. Frank is the sub-domain, Pilone is the domain name, and name is the extension. A single entity (whether be person or company) owns a domain name with a respective extension. For example, I own Pilone.name, but someone else owns Pilone.com (although they don’t seem to do anything with it).

Now, ICANN (the company that allows new extensions, and assigns a country with their domain extension) released new extensions with more on the way. Now, I feel that some of the domains don’t make as much sense, and many of them aren’t relevant to me. I will note some that I will consider as relevant to me, and why. There are currently one new domain name I want, but do not have the funds at this time. Another domain that I felt would have made life easier was lost to me as someone acquired the domain before I could get it. Therefore, fsp.link is not mine. However, I have managed to acquire one of the domains I want, and another is in limbo which I am guessing my preferred registrar is not set up properly with that domain.

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Today was a busy day. It also could have been better. There are good news and bad news. The good news is I received the new PC. The bad news is I received the new PC. Confused? So am I. I have been trying to deal with Windows 8 since I got the PC started. The tile UI is Play Skool or Fisher Price like. It is good for touch screen, but since I could not afford a touch screen PC, I am finding myself doing twice as much work to get the same thing accomplished.

On a benefit, the PC does perform well in comparison to my older system. it will be demoted as a secondary system. It will service the label printer I have, and host my iTunes library. I will eventually phase the need to use iTunes with the podcasts. This system will not carry as much demand – allowing the systems to share responsibility, and essentially allow me to keep my sanity with regards to the Fisher Price UI.

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Today while rather uneventful has been a slightly busy day. Chris was due to have a replacement phone that came to me as I am the account holder. In turn, the phone will be passed to him, and the G2x he was using for about a month will go to Andrea. However, a few things had to happen first. The phone needed to charge, and I needed to install updates. To minimize interruption while assuring the phone transfer will take place properly, I waited until after 8PM to change the SIM. The reason for this is the G2x uses a Mini-SIM, while the new phone will use a Micro-SIM. Because of this, I couldn’t just wait for him to come after work and insert the SIM card in the new phone.

I also took the dogs out for a walk twice today. I took them out in the morning when it was cooler, and a shorter walk in the afternoon. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu and wrote a couple of emails. The landlord also came by to fix the back door. The hinges were coming loose, so they needed to be tighten. 

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