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Today was a busy day. I took the two for a walk. After that, I got ready to go to the pharmacy where I dropped off a prescription, got two rawhides, and something small to drink while I will wait for the return bus. This allowed me to get cash back which I planed to give the money to Malak’s previous owner for taking everyone to the vet’s.

Later in the morning I received a package for replacement chew sticks which is good as I was low on them. I didn’t expect to receive them until at least Monday. I wasn’t complaining though. Nicole came about 2:45 and got us there in time, although we had to wait for a while. She decided to visit the animals that were there (Western Pennsylvanian Humane Society). In the meantime, Malak weighed in at 76lb, while Talisa is 82.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get some necessities. I also tried to reach Chris regarding his phone bill, but he was obviously too busy. I will have to set an ultimatum with him then. Otherwise, not much else happened. Malak’s previous owner said she will be willing to take the two to the vet for their checkup which is nice of her. Otherwise, I would have likely needed to pay a pet taxi which would have been a bit expensive for my budget. I also ordered bus tickets, and purchased more bus fare to store on my card.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. Being a Sunday, there is nothing that can really be done. However, it will be the start of a busy week in comparison to most of my weeks. At least things will get done during this time.


Not much happened today. I did some deletion of various sites which meant that I will be doing work on them from scratch. I also watched a movie on Netflix which wasn’t as good as it could have been. In the afternoon, I walked the two dogs, and came across the woman that gave Malak to me. Otherwise, the day has been much as it normally is.

I also called T-Mobile to make a reversion of a change I made a few days ago. I also looked at my online account, and it would appear as if I have one more payment on the cellular phone I have. I also came across another provider which I will likely switch to them when my contract with T-Mobile expires especially if they continue on the path they are doing.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, which I seen Nicole (the one that gave Malak) which she was happy to see him. She was in the car, so it was only for a few seconds.

Much of my time was home though. I tried to move some domains from an old domain name to a new one, but that didn’t work out so well. I also had some problems with PBXes.org (go figure), and I am sure that I will have less problems if I pay a monthly fee, but instead will be giving another company $5 per month.

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Today was a somewhat busy day. Andie asked me to watch Xavier which is fine. He spent about 5 hours here with me. For 4 of those 5 hours, there were children shows on. The last hour, two TV shows were being recorded, and the set top box only supports two simultaneous channels.

I spent some time in the evening watching some recorded shows. In addition, Chris spent some time in the evening, and paid some of the money he owed from last month. This money will actually go to pay a past due bill. This should hopefully catch me up almost completely for next month.

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Today was a pretty quiet day. I made a couple of calls, and Andie asked a favor of me. Otherwise, I spent a bit of time working on my web site, with some chatting. I also wished Nicole (the woman that gave Malak) well on a job interview she has. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, although not enough since I actually went to the end of my play list.

I also decided to upgrade my service which will be an extra $15 per month. In return, I get about another 60 channels, and even some movie channels like Epix, and Showtime. In addition, I went from 25MBPS to 35MBPS. As for the work on the site, I am hoping to be almost finished.

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A bit has happened today. First, I had to get money orders for the rent which will end up going out tomorrow. I also paid for my PO Box for a six month period, got some groceries to hold over until I can go actual shopping, and made a couple of phone calls with only one successful. While at the grocery store, I went to buy recycle bags so I could take my recyclable trash out tomorrow morning. However, Giant eagle didn’t have any. I went to the Rite-Aid with no luck. I finally decided to go to the hardware store, and they could order a 50 count for $15. So, I will have at least 3 or 4 recycles that will have to go out when City of Pittsburgh picks up the recycles again. At least I will have enough for a while though, so that will be good.

However, when I got back home, I seen another even worse mess. The dogs tore up the curtains a little, but destroyed the curtain rods forcing me to improvise there. They also destroyed a spare set of head phones, and tore up my blanket a little. I have probably about a half of dozen holes in my blanket now. They also destroyed my micro-USB cable which is a serious issue as that is what is used to charge my phone. Luckily, Nicole (Malak’s previous owner) was able to lend me hers until I get a replacement. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy.

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Today was a quiet day for the most part. A couple of fights would have broken out. Needless to say I stopped it before it happened. I took all three for a walk twice, and it is a bit of a challenge especially since Talisa has always been pulling to some degree, and is excited with Nippers walking with us. Of course, Nippers seems to be the kind that walks best when the walker can devote full attention to her. Nonetheless, I walked all three together. Nicole (the one who gave Malak) thinks Nippers is adorable when I sent a picture of her.

I also gave them an egg a day early as Nippers might have been going back home today, but it will seem as if it would be tomorrow or Monday. I also gave all three a little bit of ground beef (cooked with water). As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. Gage might be coming up to see Malak (it will be his first). Nippers might go back tomorrow. However, otherwise – not much planned, especially since tomorrow is a Sunday.


Today, not much happened. I took the dogs for a walk as normal, and in the evening walk, they got to see Nicole. In addition, they Joe (upstairs neighbor) purchased a 45lb of dog food for me, and told me to pay back when possible. This was nice as I would have had to get more food on the first of the month, and now the 18 gallon bin that the food sits in is full. As always, I empty the bin of the older food, put the new food in, and put the older food on top which assures the food gets used in order.

I also been working on a web site which I will disclose when I am finalized with it. As with all of my sites, it will be driven with a Word Press CMS. I also watched the Walking Dead which was the only time this weekend I had the television on. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, continue the work on the web site, and I will expect to get a movie (Hannah) which is supposed to be a good movie.


Today was a bit of a busy day. I spent much of the day trying to reach my brother. All of it was for naught as he wasn’t able to get me to the grocery store. I went about 4PM to the store to get dog food, and a few groceries. I was only able to purchase a 20lb bag as that would have been all I could carry. One of the neighbors was very kind and offered a ride which made my life much easier. I got home 30 minutes earlier than I expected, and managed to not suffer as much as I would have expected.

Later that evening. Nicole (the one who gave Malak) offered to take me to the store. Considering that I could not get a whole month’s worth the last trip – I took her offer. I managed to get everything I needed as for the month with the exception of a couple of things which I just didn’t have the funds for. All in all, it was a productive, and successful day.

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