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Week 22 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I got half of the money from Andrea for her phone bill. I also got money that someone else owed me. My brother is still having problems. In addition, I had to pay for an insurance deductible. In addition, the neighbor’s tree got struck by lightning and fell into the back yard. The tree got cut down on Friday. Friday was also spent in paying my bills, and I got my niece a domain name for her birthday. Obviously, I am also hosting it for her.

My source of income came in, and obviously the first thing I did was set everything in motion to pay my bills. My rent got mailed out, and my credit cards got their payment. I made sure I set aside some money in my bank to address my electric bill. I also walked the dogs to my brother’s place on Saturday, and while Nippers is usually behaved, she decided to start a fight with Malak a couple of times. No serious injuries, Nippers had a couple of scratches, but all is well. Each occurrence only lasted a few seconds until I was able to pull the instigator off, and correct her. The most serious event was a long skin deep scratch on my leg which is fine. After the episodes, everything was fine.

As for plans for next week, not much is planned. I am expecting the registration of 2 domains to come through, and I will have to send back the phone my brother broke which is a part of Assurance’s agreement. The landlord has to make a minor repair which I think is from the fallen tree, but otherwise – little else is planned.

Week 16 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I bought groceries, but kept forgetting something. I also had to get a belt, a wallet, and I bought a dog scoop for my brother’s dog. Tuesday was a rainy day, so the dogs didn’t get their walk. On Wednesday, I had to be home much of the time, and in addition, I had a dental appointment to get my dentures. On Thursday, I made up for the raining day on Tuesday with the dogs visiting Downtown via the Strip District. On Friday, they went to visit my brother’s place with Nippers.

In addition, I was able to acquire the domain fsp.house which is a brand new domain extension. This domain registration (while more expensive) will replace fsphome.com. This will also help in consolidating the domains I have to hopefully my initials. I was hoping to acquire fsp.link, but this wasn’t available. I do have intentions on acquiring new domain extensions as well. Not much else happened. I had managed to make a couple of essential calls, and the dogs had been introduced to their new food.

As for next week, I will have an appointment or two to deal with. I will also be expecting a package (on one of the days for the appointment, and the dogs will get a couple of long walks this week. Otherwise – not much this planned for the week considering it is close to the end of the month.

Week 15 – 2014

Sunday was much like most Sundays. I walked the dogs, but that was the most eventful part of the day. Chris said he was going to stop by, but never did. I’m assuming his employer decided to not pay his check yet. That is a whole another story which I would never get into with this blog. And while it will be financially hard, I purchased a bag of dog food that is at about $1.00/lb as opposed to 64¢/lb. This will be a financial challenge as this will mean $80 per month, but I will hopefully make due. The dogs should have something better quality then what they been eating. Since I never went to the store (no bus service), I ordered through Amazon, and it is being sent through them which I should receive it on Wednesday. At this time, I will use the last bag and shift the new dog food by gradually mixing it with the old.

I was hoping to walk the dogs to Andrea’s house, but there was a good chance of rain which means I would have likely got stuck in it, especially returning home. Instead, their walk took them down Rialto Street, across the 31st bridge, along Penn Avenue, across the 16th street bridge, and up Troy Hill Road. When they got home, I gave them half of the meal they normally get in opting to split their meal across two periods. This is because Malak doesn’t seem to do as well with eating all one meal. When they go to their annual checkup, I will bring it up with the vet. I also made a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much happened today especially with the rain coming in on the afternoon. The day finished off rather ordinary. I watched a couple of videos, and podcasts, but not much beyond that. I will blame the walk for that.

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Today was a very long day. I left about 9AM and didn’t get home until almost 5:30PM. Look at all of the things I do for family. First, Andrea needed a replacement phone, so I needed to make those arrangements. This was done in Downtown, and while I was dealing with the phone, I also paid the bill. Once I finished that, I sent Chris’ defective phone which was to be sent via UPS.

I then arrived at Andrea’s place which my youngest nephew for the second day in a row has been nothing but mean and miscreant to me. I am not taking it personally, but if it was my child, there would have to be a bit more discipline with him. I even caught him kicking Nippers (the family dog) which I really set him straight about that.

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A bit has happened today. I tended with the dogs in the morning, but they had to spend most of the day in a cage (until they can act proper out of one) as I had a few things that needed to be done.

First, I had to go to the post office. I had several of mail items, but only a couple of things worth looking at. I also received a prescription for an EKG that needed to be done. I figured to just take care of it immediately.

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Not much happened today. I prepared to go to Andie’s and Chris’ place for Thanksgiving. Of course, this meant that I decided to get ready about noon with a good bath, hair wash, and shave. Chris stopped by while I was in the bath, and he was here until we left at about 2:15. As a favor, I took Nippers out for a 45 – 60 minute walk, and after a while, we ate dinner. Andie asked some advise regarding one of Alexis’ Christmas gifts, and with Gage loving Angry Birds, I gave her a suggestion as well for something he will like too.

As for my dogs, they had 2 cups of dog food and a ½ cup of chicken broth which they really enjoyed. I also gave each of them 2 slices of ham with 1 cup of dog food for their evening meal, but I didn’t walk them in the evening. I didn’t get home until about 7PM, and was in a bit of pain. Not only that, they made a mess of the place which I wasn’t too please. I finished the day watching a couple of podcasts that came through, and went to bed relatively early considering.

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Today was a pretty quiet day. I walked all three dogs in the morning, but Chris picked up Nippers in the afternoon. Shortly after that, I had walked my two dogs. It would seem as if Talisa is regressing back to regularly pulling which is not a good thing. However, I am sure that I will get her back to the way she was before. No buses are running, so there is no way I will be able to take a bus if I wanted too.

As for plans for tomorrow, Chris will most likely not be able to take me to a couple of places, so I will have to go to the post office, and eventually to the Humane Society which I will get some donated dog food. I will also drop off my prescription. Otherwise, little else planned.


Today was a quiet day for the most part. A couple of fights would have broken out. Needless to say I stopped it before it happened. I took all three for a walk twice, and it is a bit of a challenge especially since Talisa has always been pulling to some degree, and is excited with Nippers walking with us. Of course, Nippers seems to be the kind that walks best when the walker can devote full attention to her. Nonetheless, I walked all three together. Nicole (the one who gave Malak) thinks Nippers is adorable when I sent a picture of her.

I also gave them an egg a day early as Nippers might have been going back home today, but it will seem as if it would be tomorrow or Monday. I also gave all three a little bit of ground beef (cooked with water). As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. Gage might be coming up to see Malak (it will be his first). Nippers might go back tomorrow. However, otherwise – not much planned, especially since tomorrow is a Sunday.


Today was the first full day in watching Nippers. I woke up in the morning to let the three out. I then took Nippers out first, and when I returned home, I took the other two out. While the other two were out on their walk, I got a call with Nippers acting up badly. This of course was a bit distressful and upsetting. It would seem I will have to walk all three at the same time. It won’t be an easy task, but one that needs to be done. I will only have her for the weekend, so this isn’t as big of a deal as that would be led to be otherwise.

Nippers is getting used to how a dog behaves, and has been joining in when she is comfortable. She has also be taking favor towards Malak which I am assuming a big part of the reason is because Talisa is so hyper. Being spoiled to not having to eat dog food, she is giving a little problem with that, but considering she is learning that there isn’t something else for her, she is eating some, but I am guessing she is hoping for a reward of human food.

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Today was very interesting. Chris dropped off Nippers, and he thought it was going to be worse than it was. I tried to walk all three dogs, but it didn’t work out. Since I will be watching Nippers for the weekend, I will be having to walk Nippers separate from the other two. I also got a call from Elle’s Pet Pantry from the Humane Society, and will have some pet food available for me until Tuesday. Nippers gave a couple of problems. but nothing that couldn’t be addressed. No other major activities today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to watch a movie from Netflix, and hopefully return it that day. I will also be watching a couple of podcasts. I will also be continuing to watch Nippers. Otherwise, not much planned.