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Not much happened today. I spent much of the time home, and while I tried to walk the dogs, Talisa was getting too stupid and wanting to pull and get all excited when some of the streets and sidewalks was coated with ice. This would have made walking hazardous to say the least. Other things had occurred – all not to my favor. As with most days, holidays is as pitiful for me as any other day. I also watched a couple of videos, and fed the dogs. They also had some time to play and chase each other at least until they ran on the porch which they both know is a no no.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will be home, and hopefully walk the dogs. Otherwise – it will be much like any other day. With the end of the month, I will of course be home.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by and stayed for a part of the day. I finished the blog post, and worked a little on the web site. Otherwise, not much happened. My ankles were hurting a lot, so I didn’t get to take the dogs out for a walk. I will have to try to take them out on a longer one tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to East Ohio Street to run a couple of errands, and drop off a piece of mail. I will likely come home, and do some more work on the web site. I have about one more page remaining which means I will have a new Big Ass What If Site.


Not much happened today. It rained pretty hard during the time the dogs normally went out for a walk, so they didn’t go. In addition, they had no outdoor play time which they had a lot of pepped up energy. They will hopefully start early tomorrow morning, and get a longer walk.

My iPod Touch updated itself which one of the issues that will be fixed is over the air syncing. I am hoping so because it hasn’t been working properly yet. I will be testing that in a couple of days when I do my synching.

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Not much happened today, although the morning was a bit to do. After I exercised and fed the dogs, they had to go to the kennel cages as I needed to go to the shoes repaired. Thankfully, a friend was able to drive me there. This shaved a minimum of a couple of hours off of my time that I would have been out which was really good since it took about an hour to repair the shoes.

Once I got home, I let them out in the back yard, and then they had the opportunity to play some as well. I watched a couple of shows, and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

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