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Don’t Drop My Box

I am sure that there is already a high user count of Drop Box users, or at least people that heard of it. However, there still might be some people that don’t know what it is, how it works, and why I recommend it. First, Drop Box is a Cloud Based Storage syncing service. With a program or app on major smart phone and desktop Operating Systems, the program can grab all of the respective files, and sync them. Therefore, if you take a picture on your smart phone that syncs with Drop Box, that picture will be on your personal computer (provided there is an internet connection).

Now, there is a copy on all respective systems, as well as the Drop Box Server. There is a limit of free space which varies, and there are premium services which adds to the free space. This means you can make Drop Box a second Hard Drive, although that is a little tricky to do that, and I personally wouldn’t.

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