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Not much happened today. I did some work on a couple of documents, but otherwise – things have been quiet. I have managed to get the dogs out for a short walk, but with the cold – I didn’t want to go as long as they really should have. I also received a call from One Main Financial asking me to be a customer when I am unworthy of being their customer. Needless to say, I was right, and I hate always being right. Nonetheless, since their interest they quoted me on the loan I wouldn’t have qualified is almost twice as much as my credit card’s interest rates, I don’t see me being in such desperation. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans for the day. I am hoping it will be warm enough again, and if I am really lucky – it will be above freezing for more than an hour. Otherwise, things will be quiet again.


Not much happened today. I had to go to Downtown. It would seem as if the forwarding didn’t take effect in time to send the One Main Financial check. It was in my box waiting for me, and it was postmarked on the 16th. However, I still stand by my accusation of them being liars and thieves. If they didn’t do what they did, I wouldn’t had to deal with them sending a check in the first place.

Also, while at the post office, I closed my box and set the forwarding again. I then went to the bank to deposit the check and some money I had. I also got a courtesy check for the photo ID I would have needed. Next, I went to the Port Authority Service center which I put funds to the card I have with them.

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Today has been an abnormally painful day. I had an increase of pain for about 4 days now, so I am thinking there might be something wrong. If it continues, I will definitely make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

I also had to make a few phone calls. One was to someone to remind them of something. Another was to Department of Public Assistance to notify them of a change. The third was to Social Security to notify them of the same change. This change was for removing the PO Box to set the home as the default address. This is because I will be cancelling my when the term ends in a couple of days.

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Today was a busy day. I went to my pharmacy to return an item I bought yesterday that didn’t work, and pick up my prescription order to take to another pharmacy. After four days having my prescription order, they couldn’t fill my prescription. However, since I am low on bus fare, I had to walk for almost an hour from home to the two pharmacies. I then had to wait 45 minutes while the prescription was being filled, and then wait 15 minutes for the bus to finally get me back to where I can catch the bus back home.

Chris stopped by in the evening, and spent the night. I also got a hold of One Main Financial, and they decided to tell me that they will get a check out to me by Wednesday. I told them that they had 1 week. Simply put, with me giving them one more week, I will be waiting a month since they stole the money from my account, so I think I am being generous with my patience with them.

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Not much happened today. I am still trying to recover from Monday. I also called One Main Financial which has done nothing but give me the run around. I will wait until Friday for the check, and if I don’t receive it, I will file a complaint with the bank, and will hopefully see my money by the end of the month. As for tomorrow, I will have to go to the store to get bread, but otherwise, no real plans.


A bit happened today. First, I had to go to Downtown. While there, I spent my last $3 on getting cleats placed on my shoes. Next, I went to the post office to not get the check I should have from One Main Financial. Needless to say, I will have to call them about that tomorrow. After that, I took a bus to my doctor’s appointment. I was able to get in a little early but had to wait for a route 1 to get me back to the North side. I went to fill my prescription, and after more than an hour of waiting, it would seem they didn’t have it. I was told to go to the Rite-Aid on Pennsylvania Avenue which of course cost more money for bus fare only to find out the prescription can’t be filled until Friday. So, there was 3 hours of my time wasted.

I finally made it home let the dogs out, and fed them. However, with as much pain as I am in, I am not likely to want do do much. I didn’t even have the will to pull the sleeper out. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to call One Main Financial to find out where my check is. Otherwise, I will expect that I won’t be doing much as I am sure the events of today would be a drain on me for a day or two.


Today was a busy day which will include making some photocopies, going to the post office, and grocery shopping. The reason of the post office was in hopes of getting a check for the money that One Main Financial stole from me. I have yet to get the $115.60 check. I then had to go get groceries. Living off of Peanut Butter Sandwiches is not ideal. I got some hot pockets for when I am in too much pain to cook. I also got some Steakums, and bread. I took the bus home, and dropped off the groceries only to return to East Ohio Street for getting something to drink.

After that, I used some of the money that Andrea paid to get a shopping cart. This shopping cart cost around $20, but with S&H and taxes, it was over $25, and to be on the safe side, I budget for $30. I should expect to receive it on the 15th of November which should be good as this will make grocery shopping much easier, especially when I need to buy dog food.

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One Main Financial, Liar and Thief? You decide!


This page has a few vulgar words, and this post will not be appropriate for children, nor anyone who are easily offended by such language. In which case, you will definitely want to avoid the last paragraph.

About 5 years ago, I had to get a loan to try to settle personal issues. I got a second one to address some debt I had that I was trying to consolidate and reduce. As time went on, it will become apparent that no matter what I will do, if I can’t address the student loan, any other financial issues will not matter if they are addressed (as far as a Credit Score goes). Nonetheless, I wanted to keep things right with One Main Financial.

During the whole period of the loan, I changed the bank, got a letter from the bank disclosing the R&T/Account number, and strived for the most smooth transition possible. Nothing wrong there. In addition, I had one month deferment while they were Citi Financial, and while I had to move to Troy Hill, I tried to get an extension on the loan for the security deposit and first month rent (which I had some of it already). They refused. I then tried to get a deferment of 3 months which they refused. Fine, despite me being a very good customer, and addressing any issue that may have appeared immediately by going there personally on a couple of buses, fine. I obviously learned they no longer wished my business after this loan was settled.

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