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A Nexus 5? Not from T-Mobile

T-Mobile decided to offer the Nexus 5 16GB model for an easy payment plan of $42 + 24 payments of $17. This comes to a price tag of $450 + sales tax. However, this is a serious issue, especially when you consider other factors.

First, if one was to pay full price for the phone upfront, they will have to pay $450+sales tax. At Google, the 32GB model is $50 cheaper than what T-Mobile will sell for the 16GB model. And since they may no mention of the 32GB model, I will only presume that T-Mobile does not wish to sell a Nexus 32GB for $550 which seems to be what T-Mobile will likely do. However, this major discrepancy of price is not the only issue.

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Today, there were some change of plans. I didn’t go to watch Xavier. I did however went to the post office, and it would seem as if my old bank had a $4.51 over draft. I went to a branch in Downtown, and took care of the overdraft, and closed that account. I came home, and tended to the dogs, as well as got them ready to go for a walk when the signs of rain went down. I finished the evening watching an hour or so of TV, and went to bed early.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I am expecting a DVD from Netflix, and will be doing the basic things I normally do on Saturdays. Otherwise, no real plans for the day.


A bit happened today, although didn’t go anywhere. First, I had received a DVD from Netflix. I watched it, and Chris stopped by in the evening to give some money that he owed which will be deposited into the bank. I also adjusted my Netflix plan to DVD only so I omitted the $8 streaming charge. If I should run out of DVDs in my queue, I will move to the streaming only. I also reduced the eMusic plan – all partly due to the price over-hike with Verizon where my bill is almost double what it would otherwise be because I ordered TV, and Telephone. The $240 bill should go to about $120 next month. Keep in mind I pay my bills on time every time.

I also been getting Connection Failed when check for OS updates. It would seem as if T-Mobile is more likely to just blame LG than fix the problem. And it would seem virtually impossible to speak with anyone over the phone. In any event, as for plans for tomorrow – I will make a deposit to cover the bill, and then make a trip to the Waterworks Mall to pay the bill. While I am there, I should get some bread to hold over until I get my food benefits to help with food this month.

Blue Hippo Attracts Idiots

If you live in the US, I am sure you have heard of Blue Hippo which in reality offers a layaway plan for those that wish to have a computer. This is a SCAM. No, I never got it, but that is because this “program” is so outrageous, it is not funny. They prey on people with bad credit, and low income. I went to the Blue Hippo’s web site, and come across a number of disturbing features. Let’s look at these disturbing features.

First is time. They can hold the computer you are paying for up to 52 weeks unless you pay it off quicker. If you make 6 – 13 consecutive payments, they might offer financing for the remainder. I am sure this financing has interests, and anyone with bad credit would of course have high interest. Maybe it’s not interest bearing, but for the cost, it doesn’t matter much. If you are like me, and get income only once a month, these convenient weekly charges could be painful financially. So, provided you have to wait 3 months (4 x 13 weeks = more than 3 months), you would have paid at least $286. You still have to finish it off, and you can only hope they would finance the remaining charges. Continue reading Blue Hippo Attracts Idiots