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September 2017

The first week was spent mostly paying bills, although I had an appointment which I went to. There is still fatigue with the new medicine, but hopefully, I can get that dealt with. The goal was to get everything accomplished as quickly as possible. This is to allow me to have an accurate depiction of my money in the second week.

The second week, as normal – I received my food stamps, and again had issues with Verizon. I received a couple of emails saying my ATA went offline. This is not something that happened so frequently with Comcast. I am likely to try to get back with Comcast in a month. I also had to make a phone call for someone that owes me money, although he usually takes his time in getting it together. On another note, since I terminated my services with Freedom Pop, I decided to take the 2 month trial with Pandora’s premium service. If the service is good, I will be spending about the same as I would if I had Freedom Pop. Continue reading September 2017


Today has been much like every other Sunday. After walking the dogs, I done a little work on a web site, and been trying to make things make sense before going online. Towards the end of the day, my music playlist went to the end which meant that I would have either repeated, started a new play list, or used an online music service. I opted to use one of the station on my Pandora account.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans. It is expected to rain, so I may not be able to walk the dogs. I won’t be doing anything until Wednesday which I will have to go grocery shopping for the month, and then of course get a jitney home since I will need to get a month’s worth of groceries, and then dog food as well.

Pandora – My Thoughts

The online streaming music service available to many different platforms provides streaming music service based on your personal tastes from the names of musical artists, and songs you added. From there, it would also include many songs and artists that it thinks you would like. You could of course buy individual songs, and some interfaces have a means of getting information about the artist, or song.

You can also “thumbs up” add it as a song you like, or “thumbs down” note a song you don’t like, and never want to be bothered from hearing again. You can also skip songs, or pause songs. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, I love the concept, and the service is very good, but it does need a lot of room for improvement.

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