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Thoughts on PAT’s Fare Simplification

Obviously, those that live in Pittsburgh will know PAT as the local public transit system here. Most people I know have a Love/Hate relationship with it. Most people will not deny that PAT is needed in some form or fashion, but most don’t like many things that have been done. Recently, PAT asked for opinions on how to adjust their fare system, and like always, they hadn’t done it truly correctly. They asked if people will approve or disapprove on the basics of changes, but offered no real method of addressing the opinion of those changes.

So, what would I do, and what will qualify me? First, I have been riding the bus system almost all of my life. I seen it in its best, and in its worst. In addition, I have been a Connect Card user since it was made available as a BETA to the public. And as a disabled adult, I am also using it as a half fare card. This means I am touching with personal experiences on many aspects of the fare system. I currently live in the Zone 1 fare, and rarely if at all enter Zone 2, but I can understand the frustration one in Zone 2 might have. This post is my personal thoughts on what should be done with the fare system based on the current system design. I personally feel that the PAT system needs to be completely overhauled and redeveloped under a perspective of people that use the system rather than what is being fling against the wall now.

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Not much happened today. I went to the bank to make a small deposit which went towards my bus fare. I went to Giant Eagle which I learned that there is someone in PAT’s customer service that doesn’t know what they are talking about. I was able to add funds to my Connect Card, but wasn’t able to get cash value tickets which I use for transfers. This will mean I will have to make a separate trip to Downtown to get bus tickets, or pay an extra $2 to have it mailed to me.

While at Giant Eagle, I also bought some bread, and a 38lb of dog food. When I returned, I walked that dogs, and they played for a little while. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I might watch a couple of shows on Hulu, but otherwise – nothing special.


Not much happened today. I had to go to Downtown. It would seem as if the forwarding didn’t take effect in time to send the One Main Financial check. It was in my box waiting for me, and it was postmarked on the 16th. However, I still stand by my accusation of them being liars and thieves. If they didn’t do what they did, I wouldn’t had to deal with them sending a check in the first place.

Also, while at the post office, I closed my box and set the forwarding again. I then went to the bank to deposit the check and some money I had. I also got a courtesy check for the photo ID I would have needed. Next, I went to the Port Authority Service center which I put funds to the card I have with them.

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A bit more than usual has happened today. First, I needed to go to Downtown to get bus tickets, and add to my Connect Card. It would seem as if the fare box panics and hiccups when you try to pay with cash, and a fare card. So the idea is to hand the driver the bus ticket which will support for a transfer, and use the fare card for the actual fare.

After the trip to Downtown to get my card filled and bus tickets, I went to the store in the North Side and purchased some food. I essentially purchased breakfast and lunch for the rest of the food month. After that, I walked to the nearby pharmacy to purchased iced tea. Even though there was a line, and people taking their time, I managed to catch the bus with a few moments to spare.

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Most of my time was done in working on the web site, although I watched a couple of videos, and chatted with someone on Second Life. The site I been working on is intended to show an alternative to what PAT is doing. I am sure the site will not be agreeable to everyone, but it is what I think will be a good option based on the knowledge I have.

Things otherwise has been relatively quiet. Not much planned for tomorrow. I will have to call a technical support system for a piece of hardware that isn’t working properly. Otherwise, it will be much the same as usual.


Today was not much that went on. I didn’t get the Connect Card which for me to have it would have made life easier. I found out that one of the two banks in the area will not allow non-customers in. The other bank allowed non customers in only after being buzzed in. In other words, getting change around here is becoming impossible.

I went to East Ohio street to grab a few things. I also wanted to get the dogs for a walk, but couldn’t since it started to rain hard. As for plans for tomorrow, I have to take the garbage out, and will be in most of the day otherwise. I will also expect a bill to be paid through, but it may end up being late.

PAT is going to isolate me in September

Self-centered, yes – but it affects many others. Paranoid, maybe but it’s true. According to a Port Authority Document, PAT is planning to reduce or eliminate all of their routes and raise fares. In my case, they are intending on eliminating the Route 4. While this might be acceptable (even though undesired) if there was reasonable access to other routes, but this is not the case. Troy Hill is an isolated community with only two ways in or out. Only one bus runs through this neighborhood, and to go to where there are bus routes will require a 1 mile or greater walk and no matter where the person walks, there is a massive and steep hill that must be be traversed.

Currently, the route 4 runs hourly with weekday peak times every 30 minutes. However, this is the only bus route that serves its predominant market. And with the only way to traverse to or from comparable routes can take 20 minutes from Lowrie if going down, or almost 45 minutes when returning – and this is the nearest bus routes. This however is on a good day. Inclement weather, disabled or elderly – this will make the traveling to the nearest bus route either very hard or impossible. This will further isolate the community. And many in this community may not be able to afford a car.

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Not much happened today. I made a partial payment for a bill. I also made a call to someone to remind him of something. I had to reset my router again as well contact Verizon to get a replacement modem+router. I had a lot of birthday notices which was nice of the people that offered it. I tried to call Chris which wasn’t successful, so I will try again tomorrow.

I also came across some terrible news. Port Authority of Allegheny County is planning on eliminating or reducing routes throughout as well as increase rates. This is almost expected, however the problem is that they are planning on completely eliminating the Route 4 which is the only bus that runs through Troy Hill. If this takes effect, I will have to walk about a mile before I can take a bus to Downtown. Going somewhere will mean I will have to walk downhill, while returning home will mean I will have to walk uphill.

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What PAT should be doing?

On April 4, PAT (Port Authority Transit) in Allegheny County is starting their revision of the bus system. A couple of the very wasteful routes were dismissed, and a couple of routes that had major changes done were renamed. One example was the 64A turning into the 64 and the service starting in the Lawenceville area rather than in East Liberty.

However, there are some things that they should have done. While I personally felt they should have did a mass conversion at one time, they aren’t and won’t. So, here are a few things I feel they should have done if they want to do this very slow phasing in.

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The PAT Madness Effects on Me.

Those whom may have read my post from the day before would have read a very long rant about how PAT is doing some things wrong. Now, I would go about introducing the eventual proposed changes and how it would effect me. This means two things. First, the post would not involve anything I am not familiar with. Second, it would keep the post reasonable in length.

Some people may have different thoughts of what’s regular for me. Therefore, I would establish that now. First, any bus that I know well enough to know the route in the case it would affect me, and any bus I know I can take, to where I need to go and that is the bus. Because of my income, and the fact I can’t work prevents me from making any bus a regular regular in comparison to most people.

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