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February 2015

February was a bit more eventful. Chris made a larger payment on money he owed, but that is where I will keep anything else private. The money was used to address some of my active debt. My media tablet for my home music player has went dead. This forced me to get a new one. Since I listen to music all of the time, a player is important. I also went to see my anesthesiologist who  he and his colleagues have been recommending another specialist in conjunction of their treatment. I also visited my ear doctor which told me that my problem will be reoccurring but not too serious. I guess when it excels in being a problem, I would need to make a special appointment with them.

On some brighter news, Chris gave me an Amazon gift card as a birthday present. It was nice of him, but my birthdays are typically not important to me. However, that is the end there. My keyboard is acting up, and some keys  have been sticking. Since I use a notebook PC, it is not so easy to just get a new keyboard. I had also been using a dating site for a couple of months, and as with past experiences, not much in the way of luck.

Week 39 – 2014

Not much happened this week considering it is the end of the month. I did a little work on someone’s PC which in turn allowed me to earn a little money. That cash went adding funds on my transit card, and getting groceries. I also did some pre-work for a new site which will be coming online. I know I still have a number of other sites that needs to have work on them, but I guess I just can’t keep to one thing. As for plans for the coming week, I will be getting my benefits in the middle of the week which of course will have to be used to pay bills, and thankfully not have to worry about addressing my transit card. However, not much else is planned.


Not much happened today. I had to go to do a couple of errands, and was expecting to pick up money from Chris, but didn’t get that. Instead, I had a couple of errands including getting postage, pharmacy, and the bank. Once I deposited the money in the bank, I transferred most of it to my Google Wallet. I then returned home from everything, walked the dogs, and fed them. After the meal, I did some work on a PC where the person wanted me to do a couple of things which took about an hour. I returned the PC to the owner, and then spent a little time watching a few videos. As for plans for tomorrow, not much else is planned. I will have to do a couple of things that I couldn’t get done hopefully on Monday. Tomorrow being the weekend – there is nothing I will likely be doing.


Not much happened today. I chatted a little while, and spent a little time in Second Life. In this tine, my PC was acting a bit better, but still need to try to save up for something better.

I also reached my brother, and needless to say, wasn’t happy with his negligence. Another set of arrangements have been made with him, although if he breaks them, I will just have to shut his mind off. Continue reading 2013-11-12

HP-2000 and its true cost

Recently, I purchased and received an HP 2000 series PC. This system has a Pentium Mobile 2.4Ghz Dual Core CPU, 4GB of memory, Wifi, and USB 2.0 ports. There are also other specifications on this system, but I won’t go into that. What I will go into is what it would end up costing me in the end.

This will include not only the actual purchase price, but the cost of making sure the system is properly serviceable, and will suffice even at its state of quality for a period of time. I will also want to make sure the system is protected properly. All of this will cost extra. So, what is the final price?

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, and walked the dogs a couple of times. I also got the old PC properly running which will make my life a little easier. With that in mind, I will be able to make it the secondary PC as I planned. I still don’t expect it to survive for long though.

I also watched a few videos and after searching through a line of incompetent media players. I have went to the dark side and installed iTunes on my new PC. Otherwise, not much happened today.

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Today was a busy day. It also could have been better. There are good news and bad news. The good news is I received the new PC. The bad news is I received the new PC. Confused? So am I. I have been trying to deal with Windows 8 since I got the PC started. The tile UI is Play Skool or Fisher Price like. It is good for touch screen, but since I could not afford a touch screen PC, I am finding myself doing twice as much work to get the same thing accomplished.

On a benefit, the PC does perform well in comparison to my older system. it will be demoted as a secondary system. It will service the label printer I have, and host my iTunes library. I will eventually phase the need to use iTunes with the podcasts. This system will not carry as much demand – allowing the systems to share responsibility, and essentially allow me to keep my sanity with regards to the Fisher Price UI.

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First Impression: HP 2000-2c20NR

The HP 2000-2c20NR was purchased to replace my current HP Pavilion G62. The reason of why is the current PC was essentially going on its last days. It lost all of its feet, and lost one bumper for the monitor. The power button is temperamental, the SD card reader is not functioning, the F4 key is only on the keyboard due to a piece of scotch tape. The system will overheat, and the Shut Down has errors with it. On top of that, it has failed to even pass beyond the BIOS boot which is essential for any PC a few times. With this in mind, it is understandable of why I felt I should have got a new PC. For now, my G62 is still functional (considering), however it can not serve as a primary PC any longer. It will be demoted as a guest system, and hold my iTunes resources which I still use until I can find a competent replacement and move over to Android entirely (retiring the iPods).

The HP 2000 (the noted model) has an Intel Pentium Mobile CPU running at 2.4Ghz dual core. This is not the i3-i7 series CPUs. It has one 4GB SODIMM, and is upgradeable to two 8GB memory slots. It has a 720p resolution webcam, and integrated Intel series graphics. Drives include an SD card slot, a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, and a DVD Writer. Ports include 1 VGA, 1 HDMI-out port (plugs into a TV or monitor), three USB2 ports, an RJ45-1GBPS and a VGA port (because we live in the 90s). It has Wifi-bgn support, but no Bluetooth. The screen size is 15.6” diagonal. There is also a speaker, and microphone jack, but there are integrated speakers, and mics.

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Today was a bit of a bad day. My phone didn’t want to turn on for a few hours again, and didn’t charge through the night. This of course is forcing me to have to get another replacement. It started working again, so at least I had it.

In the meantime, Capital One has decided to screw things up again. The Positive Balance Credit (where I paid more than owed) was withdrawn from my account to be sent as a check, but while the check was cut, the money will remain with Capital One, and I should be able to get it back about the 29th. This is just leaving me more unsatisfied with Capital One to the point I now consider them a necessary evil. This compounded with the fact that they will not provide me with additional credit beyond $500, and my current PC is failing doesn’t make things better.

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Two in a Row, Good Enough

A few years ago, I purchased an HP Pavilion G62. This was to replace an incompetent Acer PC that was running Vista. However, after a few years, my system has been acting in a manner that does not give me confidence it will continue operating at any reasonable quality. For example, I do a full shut down at night time before I go to bed. I will turn the PC on, and while the PC is booting, I will get the two ready for their walk. I will log in before I walk the dogs out the door. Why, because it literally takes 20-30 minutes for the system to boot up fully.

In addition, some keys are not as good as they should be, the power button is finicky, and the SD card drive is non-functional. Since I had 3 years of this system, I will expect that it is not going to operate in optimum condition. On top of that, the system didn’t boot the BIOS which means that it could go anytime between now, and another year.

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