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I Will Be Blu No More

There was a time when I needed a dual SIM phone. The reason of this is because I cancelled my service with T-Mobile (due to costs), and pushed to rely on my Lifeline service for voice calls. However, at the time, data service was not included into the Lifeline service. I therefore had to use my lifeline SIM for voice calls, and my FreedomPop SIM for data services. This required that I have a dual SIM phone.

Thankfully, in January of 2017, Life Wireless (my lifeline provider) offered a new plan with 500 minutes, and 500MB of data with their Lifeline program. Now, I continued to use a Blu phone only because I didn’t want to have to do a massive load of updates on my only phone I had not from Blu. However with the problems I had with Blu, I given up on them completely. Continue reading I Will Be Blu No More

Breaking News: Advertising Deceptive!

I am writing this post because the Attorney General deemed that T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plan has been deemed deceptive when advertising. Now, mind you, T-Mobile pushed the most advantageous light, but let’s face it – every carrier has done this. And most companies do this now.

For example, when companies were running out screaming they had 4G before they acquired LTE is deceptive. And if you think about it, any time a carrier says free phone, that is deceptive. And the reason of why is you are stuck with with a 2 year contract with little or no way to exit it. If you do leave, you are typically required to pay a high early termination fee.

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