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Not much happened today. I woke up late which threw a wrench in the normal plans. It felt like it was going to rain, and there were scattered drizzles, so instead of me walking them to Cedar Avenue, I stayed on Lowrie, and Ley street. I wanted to take them for an evening walk, but didn’t make it. I completely forgot to write my blog posting (this one) which means the medicine is affecting me more than I would like.

I did a bit of work on one of my sites, and left the IM services running only for no one to IM me which meant for a boring day. I also had issues with one of the Pilone.name web sites which required the hosting support’s intervention which was not completely resolved.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day which meant that I should have been able to keep up with myself. I watched some podcasts, and a couple of shows on Hulu. I made a couple of phone calls, and worked on a couple of sites. I had some issues with one of the Pilone.name web sites which hasn’t been resolved yet.

Not much else happened. Trying to communicate with support was the most important thing I done. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping that the domain malfunctioning will be fine. I will also want to walk the dogs on their long walk. I am also hoping Chris will stop down with some money owed.

Family Contact Directory – Minor Upgrade

The family contact directory located at http://www.pilone.tel/ has received a minor upgrade. Tel Hosting which is in control of all .tel domains as for hosting, and DNS goes added a feature to allow a small image to be posted in individual directories.

The Family Directory is very limited. There are only 5 members in the directory, and only two of them have anything that warranted complete listing. In turn, these two will have a QR code with the relevant contact information for that person. However, this information is compressed, and at least with using the Android application – it was hard to get the details to be recognized by the device.

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